Spring Step Shoes Checklist – 9 Ways To Insure You Get The Right Shoes


As a healthcare or medical professional, you recognize the importance to your career and lifestyle when it comes to your footwear. The footwear you choose has to be the “right” choice for you. One pair of shoes is not going to fit everyone. When purchasing Spring Step shoes there are a few tips and suggestions to insure you get the right fit.

When choosing Spring Step shoes for your own career or occupation, you will find that getting the appropriate piece of footwear the first time is easy by following this checklist.

1. Only purchase footwear when you are at your “normal” body size. If you are bloated or retaining water, chances are good the footwear that fits perfectly in the store will not fit once you are no longer retaining water.

2. Wear or bring hosiery or stockings you would wear to your workplace. Regardless of the type of hosiery or stockings you wear to work, you will find you get a better fit by bringing a set of that hosiery to try on your new Spring Step shoes.

3. Measure your feet with the neat little metal foot ruler available at the majority of shoe stores. Measuring your feet is an important part of your decision. When you know your size, you will be guaranteed a better fit. Do not assume you are the same shoe size you were 10 years ago and 10 pounds earlier. If you have problems with measuring your own feet, ask for assistance from customer service.

4. Know your foot size on both feet separately. The majority of people do have two different feet sizes. Insure you recognize your shoe size for each foot.

5. Recognize your feet size in a multitude of countries. Not everyone uses the same measurements as the United States. Know your foot size per inches lengthwise, widthwise, and heightwise.

6. Understand your requirements before investigating the possibilities. By knowing what is required, you will save time, money, and effort. You will be able to distinguish between what you want and what you need more easily.

7. Try both the prospective Spring Step shoes on. Many people only try on one piece of footwear assuming the other will fit if one does. Try on both shoes to insure a maximum fit.

8. Get up and walk around. While wearing both pieces of footwear, walk around. You should be able to comfortably walk for 5 minutes without experiencing discomfort. The old adage that your footwear needs “broken in” does not hold truth. The footwear should fit appropriate and comfortably from the first step. If you are uncomfortable or your foot slides around within the shoe, you probably have the wrong size or style.

9. Check yourself out. If you are trying your Spring Step shoes on while in a storefront, you can try on that footwear on and walk to a mirror. How do you look in the mirror? Are you satisfied with your look?

By following this easy checklist, you will be able to get the right Spring Step shoes for your life and career. You will be comfortable saving yourself considerable time and money.

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Fashion Began to Change With Women's Shoes


Shoes are universal and women just love them. Shoes have the power to make women not only happy but sexy also. Women use different collection of shoes to match their outfits. Even researchers have attested to the fact of increasing love of women for shoes. Some women keep a large collection of shoes in their wardrobes while some like only few selected ones. Men can easily make women happy by gifting a sexy pair of shoes.

High heel shoes can develop confidence in a woman. These shoes add a little height to women who are short and their stature and confidence grows in general social gatherings. These women with high heels become the center of attraction.

About Sexy Women’s Shoes

Nowadays woman want to buy shoes that look sexy and add value to their look. The vast collection of shoes available in the market has also changed to the thought process of women and they opt for sexy and trendy shoes. Common women are emulating celebrities and models and their wardrobes include shoes ranging from high heels to fetish shoes.

The fetish of women for shoes is well known. Sex appeal and allure is what women want and fetish shoes hit the right spot by providing both to women. The different styles like pointed shoes, stilettos, and shoes with wedges make women buy them without any second thoughts.

The vast collection of sexy women’s shoes is available in almost every leading store. You can also buy this collection from online stores that are genuine and sell durable shoes. This collection of shoes include high heels, platform shoes, thigh high boots, knee high boots, ankle boots, mules, lace up leg shoes, court shoes, wedges, stilettos, peep toe shoes, pointed shoes, party shoes, strappy shoes, flats, gothic, and fetish shoes. This list is endless because women are not satisfied with only few. However, they can choose among this collection to complete their wardrobe.

Wedges Shoes

These types of shoes are popular with fashion lovers. Wedges can add appeal to catwalk. Those women who are trendy and fashionable buy these shoes. The different sizes, styles, and colours give options to all women to select the best shoes.

The different types of shoes available for women in leading stores have affected the fashion trends. The fashionable aspects of shoes were not explored in the past but due to growing reach of internet worldwide, women are catching up with the latest fashions and shoe industry is coming up with trendy and sexy shoes.

Shoes are important in all seasons of the year. However, some stores make sales offers usually at the start of every season and it generates huge craze among women who want to buy the latest and sexy shoes at not so high prices.

Shoes industry has become the busiest industry in the world, women are unstoppable when they move out on a shopping expedition. The introduction of sexy summer shoes or fetish shoes at the start of the season generates lot of demand. You can find every type of shoes that fits both your size and imagination.

Sexy shoes can make women look sensuous even if they do not have matching outfits. The power of shoes is such that men just kneel down at the feet of women who look sexy with high heels or fetish shoes on.

Pointed shoes

Some women like pointed shoes. The closed point becomes a seductive sight and women look very sexy in these shoes. They can wear it with skirt or dress. This is also very trendy, as women want slim and trim things. These shoes are available in different sizes making it easy for women to get the size that fits them easily.


Stilettos are generally seductive shoes. These shoes have closed toe ankle strap pump and are available in different sizes. Buying stilettos online is a new trend that is catching up with most of the women nowadays.

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Grade-a-shoes: The Best Place For Buying Ugg Boots

When it comes to fashion there are various things that are considered very important. It is noteworthy that though clothes and cool accessories contribute a lot in making a person look fashionable but that all is incomplete without a good pair of good looking, stylish, trendy shoes.

It is an undeniable fact that shoes play a very important role in making a person look fashionable and more confident. Unlike past when shoes were considered as the things that were meant only to provide protection to one’s feet, now things have totally changed. Now-a-days shoes are worn because they not only provide protection to one’s feet but in addition also because they contribute a lot in giving a better look to the person wearing them.

Today market is flooded with various stylish and fashionable shoes that are designed keeping in view the latest trends of fashion prevailing in the market. If you want to go for shoes that are not only best in looks but that are as per fashionable trends then there are several good options available for you. For example you can go for the celebrity endorsed Australian Ugg boots or branded stylish Gucci shoes.

If you are looking for the place from where you can buy good range of Ugg boots or cheap Gucci shoes then internet can surely serve as the best option to get the shoes you are looking for with ease. There are several online stores available on the net that can help you get the fashionable Ugg boots or even good quality but cheap Gucci shoes. However one thing that is very important to note is that though internet is the best medium to buy anything you are looking for with ease still it is also one such medium that is not free from such websites that make money by selling fake products.

So if you don’t want to take chance and if you are looking for one such online store that can offer the best quality Ugg boots as well as cheap Gucci shoes then Grade-A-Shoes is the name you must trust upon. As the name implies, Grade-A-Shoes is the one stop shop to buy only the shoes that fall in grade ‘A’ or that are of extremely high quality.

Grade-A-Shoes is one of a kind online store that carries the most up to date colors and styles of the most popular brands of shoes including Ugg boots, Gucci shoes, Prada shoes, Dolce & Gabanna shoes and Air Jordans. There are many other online stores available that offer the big range of shoes similar to what Grade-A-Shoes offer, however what makes the Grade-A-Shoes a superior choice as compared to others is a long list of various extraordinary features. Some of the most important and extraordinary features of Grade-A-Shoes are mentioned as under:
1. Goodwill: The first and the most important feature of Grade-A-Shoes is that it is one such online store that is very high in terms of factor of goodwill. Unlike other stores where quality of the products is sacrificed to increase profits, such thing is next to impossible at Grade-A-Shoes. Thus you can only expect what is simply best at Grade-A-Shoes.

2. Lowest prices: Along with best quality what makes Grade-A-Shoes an inevitable choice for various branded shoes is that it offers the lowest prices of shoes. Company claims that you will not find the same shoes this cheap anywhere else online. Etc.

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Top Spring Beach Footwear Trends 2009 : Choose According To Your Instincts

While enjoying on a sea beach in spring, we all know that swimming and sunbathing are not the last things we crave for. Undoubtedly, buying and wearing a befitting beach wear only never gives your 'beach fashion sense' a finishing touch. There is more to it.

So the next time you plan a trip to a sea beach nearby, never forget to include a comfortable, colorful and cozy beach footwear in your 'beach luggage.' Because you also need to walk,stroll,run, and play over there, not only swim and bath as I said earlier.

If You Love To Walk Fashionably : Then you have got the answer in a pair of sidewalk surfers. They are an innovative blend of style, comfort and fashion. I mean, can't a footwear be called as a stylishly innovative one if it is a blend of a sandal and a shoe?

A sidewalk surfer's lower part resembles a sandal to give your feet maximum comfort and protection, while the upper part is inspired by a shoe to give you much stylish look. The comfort and the ease it gives you while walking on the beach can be felt only when you slip on this beach fashion footwear. The freshest and smartest!

If You Only Love To Be A Queen : There are many women whom even a vibrating place like a sea beach can't keep away from using ornaments and precious stones. So if you belong to this breed of self-made queens, then there are beaded beach sandals made especially for you.

It depends completely upon you which one do you want to choose. They are laden with beads or pearls. Some come with shells and sequins. Even you can find few beach sandals made of costly stones too. So wear a pair of beaded beach sandal and turn the golden sand into a red carpet for you so you can walk elegantly on it like a real queen.

If You Love Playing But Hate Discomfort : Playing on the sea beach can be refreshing, of course. But an uncomfortable footwear can play the role of an ultimate villain. Thus if you love to move and twist your body with great ease and efficiency, it is better to wear a pair of slides to see you get going.

They are most easy-to-wear type of beach footwear and you can put on or off them with giving only least effort. Thus it is the most sought after beach footwear by beach sport buffs. So the next time if your beach ball jumps onto the water, you are not required to waste too much time putting off your beach footwear.

Just shake off your feet and the slides are out of your legs. Go and jump into the water and bring the ball back. You will look like a champion coming out of water after saving a life. You just saved a ball from dying. Mind It!

If You Have Got Active Legs : If you have got your adrenaline levels high, and always look for chances to run and play on the beach then there is no way you should not buy a pair of flip flops.

The designers make special flip flops using qualitative and non-heavy materials such as rubber to make your physical maneuvers on the beach a pleasing experience.

The rubber flip flops are breathable footwear which keep providing your all-the-time-active-legs enough oxygen to keep running. Most importantly, they come at cheaper rates to. So, you won't find an extra hole in your wallet too.

If You Love To Stroll Only : So what if you hate running, playing and jogging on the beach? Still you have got the right to wear a pair of flip flops. Stroll down the beach in these leather flip flops.

The designers are using best leather available in the market to give your personality an elegance others can only think of. They will give you much support and beauty to your legs. A suitable beach footwear for a chubby woman. After all, they hardly run.

If You Act Like A Fish : If you see yourself not active on the sand only but love to run in knee-deep water too with someone's hands in your hands, then what else could be better than a pair of thong sandals.

Like leather flip flops, they can't fall prey to the salty water. Of course, they are made of some qualitative waterproof materials. Thong sandals made of rubber and glossy(waterproof) leather are most suitable beach footwear for a woman.

By: Dexter James

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Discount Gucci Shoes: Where To Find Them?

With the advent of internet there are various things possible which earlier look just like the dreams. Unlike past when you have to spend hours visiting one store to another in search of the products you require in the desired quality and price, now things have totally changed. Today the most preferred medium of shopping is via internet.

There are several online stores available from where people can have anything and everything. Not only that, by a single click, they can even find the list of several stores offering the products of their requirement. In addition they can also compare the prices offered by various stores so as to ensure they get the best quality products at the price they are looking for.

So if you want to buy shoes particularly good quality branded shoes like Gucci shoes or men Prada shoes for you then internet can prove as the best medium for you.

Buying discount Gucci shoes or men Prada shoes:

You can buy Gucci shoes or Prada shoes from several online stores available on the internet. With the good collection and range they offer you can choose the best pair of shoes suiting to your requirement and budget in the best manner. However one thing that is very important to note here is that not all online stores available on the net are genuine sellers of original Gucci shoes or men Prada shoes. So it is very important to first look for the authenticity of the stores before buying shoes of any brand.

Grade-A-Shoes: A genuine online store

If you don’t want to take chance and if you want to know the name of one such online store that can offer the best quality original Gucci shoes or Prada shoes that too in very good prices, then Grade-A-Shoes is the name you must trust upon.

Grade-A-Shoes is one of a kind store that offers the best collection of shoes with the most up to date colors and styles of the most popular brands including Ugg Boots, Gucci Shoes, Prada shoes, Dolce & Gabanna shoes and Air Jordans. What is more interesting to note is that along with best quality it even offers discounted price. So if you want to buy discount Gucci shoes, then there is surely no better option than Grade-A-Shoes.

Benefits of buying shoes from Grade-A-Shoes

There are several benefits enjoyed by customers when they prefer to buy shoes from Grade-A-Shoes. Some of the main benefits are outlined as under:
1. Discount prices: the first advantage that you get while buying branded shoes from Grade-A-Shoes is that it offers discount prices on various branded shoes. It offers the discount prices of 60% to 70% its Ugg Boots, Men's Gucci shoes, Gucci sneakers, Gucci Loafers, Women Gucci sneakers, Gucci shoes, Men Prada sneakers, Prada Shoes, Air Jordans, Dolce & Gabanna Shoes. Thus either you want discount Gucci shoes or men Prada shoes, Grade-A-shoes is surely an inevitable option.

2. Best services: It is the mission of Grade-A-Shoes to provide its customers with the very best in products and service. It has the highest commitment to customer service. Thus it is sure to get best products with best prices and second to none customer service at Grade-A-Shoes.etc.

So shop now and feel the difference!

By: Vikram kumar

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A type of Men's Athletic Shoes

For many people, the first type of Mens Footwear that we believe that during the consideration of sport shoes for men in May of tennis shoes or even a generic cross-training shoes. For others, they believe in May of a basketball shoe, it depends on your background. In fact, this category of shoe covers a wide range of sports shoes and leisure activities ranging from golf and basketball and soccer shoes race. I tend to buy tennis shoes against training only because I am involved in a wide range of sports and weightlifting, the race to play basketball.

It seems that every time I opened the Sunday paper, there will be several flyers advertising sales on the sports shoes of different brands. I suggest you look online to compare prices and have a good idea of what type of shoe will best suit your needs. There are certain types of sports footwear in general, and there should be a good idea of what you need to buy more.

For those who are running the road or running in all different types of weather the best type of shoes is the way of the shoe which will give you a combination of stability and durability and excellent traction.

If you are those who tend to underpronate and you do not need extra help, then you can probably get by with shoe cushioning category. For men who are average weight, with no promotion of the problems that need a bit of sports shoes with good support, durability and cushion, they should probably be a shoe shoes stability category. The motion control category contains the most durable, rigid and controlled sports shoes. These shoes are specifically designed to limit the disease known as overpronation.

For runners who are training for racing or even for those who have just cast a spell and are not questions of traffic control or pronation they get good results in the category of light shoes training. This list is not an end, it is always advisable to keep a pair in hand, and the best practice is to buy a couple of pairs at the same time, so you can switch between the two. This will make the shoes last a little longer, especially if you are a runner or you do heavy weightlifting.

When you measure your foot or a shoe store to do so at the end of the day. This will give you the most accurate due to the stress of the good every day, our feet tend to swell and will be larger at the end of the day in the morning. Do not buy shoes that are uncomfortable simply because they look good or because they are a good deal.

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Itamar Mor Author of Warehouse Shoes Sale provider of Mens Footwear, Mens Athletic Footwear, women footwear, kid's footwear and more.

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Stilettos Shoes - Give Your Seduction Style A New Definition

Buy Stilettos
You love them or hate them; stylish stilettos have made their mark and are here to stay. Fashionistas believe women should invest in at least one pair of stilettos if not more if they wish to be in fashion with the latest shoe styles. It is strictly advisable to buy stilettos that are a bit lower if going for an everyday pair of shoes. Higher heel stilettos should be worn on special occasions and going out, while very high stilettos of five inches and above are reserved for professional dancers and those in adult entertainment industry.

Buy Stilettos in UK

Stylish stilettos are a rage in UK. Shoe designers are experimenting with stiletto heels in a range of footwear. Nowadays you can spot stiletto heels accentuating the style quotient of all types of footwear such as mules, court shoes, ankle strap shoes, pumps, ankle boots, knee and thigh high boots, platforms etc. Already sold out on the grace of stiletto heels, women are increasingly buying stiletto heel enhanced footwear in UK.

The best part of high heel stilettos is that it makes the wearer appear taller and slimmer at the same time. Tall stiletto heels are thought of by men and women alike to be a huge turn on sexually.

Style gurus will always advise though that when you buy stilettos in UK you need to make sure the height of the footwear is comfortable for you, as you're bound to be doing a fair amount of walking in them! Wearing high heel stilettos for a long time can result in a visit to the podiatrist, hence they should best be reserved for special events. In most cases in the UK, women who love stilettos actually keep a spare pair of flats in their bag, so they can wear them for walking long distances, but change them when they get to where they need to be!

Women who still wish to go for high heel stilettos but cannot afford to walk in those have the option of attending stiletto training classes in UK. Many larger cities in UK offer instruction classes and lessons on heeled walking and dancing. Besides, DVD and VHS cassettes can also be bought by women interested in learning the art and skill of high heeled walking, believe me, it's a good one to have.

Buy Stilettos Online in UK

It is important to know your correct shoe size if you wish to buy stilettos online in UK. A bigger size is likely to make you trip while a smaller size will cause you a terrible foot-ache. Once you know your shoe size you can safely buy stilettos online in UK. Online shoe shopping sites in UK also offer shoe size charts to help you buy stilettos of right size.

The better shoe shopping sites also offer you a refund in case the shoe does not fit you properly so you need not worry about your investment going waste. Another wonderful feature of sexy shoe shopping sites is that they offer you next day delivery in UK. Interestingly, they also offer discreet packaging, so even if you opt for delivery at the office, your colleagues will never know that you are planning to wear seductive stilettos in the up coming bash!

With so much comfort and privacy offered by secure shopping websites, buying stilettos online is a preferred choice of women in UK. To grab the attention of women seeking sexy and stylish stilettos, online shops are selling exclusive ranges of superb quality stiletto shoes at reasonable prices. No wonder, women are enjoying stiletto shopping at the click of the mouse.

By: Katie-DHF

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Vera Wang Shoes-What A Great Way To Compliment A Wedding Dress

Soft, haute-couture, delicate and made to perfection; nope no food but the breath taking collection of Vera Wang shoes on the Mecca of fashion; 5th avenue, New York. Vera Wang shoes have long been famous for their unique satin work and brace yourself; yes, their comfort. Unheard of in the fashion world till a couple of decades earlier, Vera Wang shoes are designed such that you can forget those shoe bites on the special day that you wear one.

More and more ladies are choosing Vera Wang shoes to express their style and sense of fashion on the most important day of their lives, their wedding day. Vera Wang shoes are made of satin or silk and come in ivory, white and silk shades mostly. Exquisite craftsmanship ensures that the shoes are spotless; no thread popping out from the ankle strap or no bead hanging loose. The cloth is creaseless and the stitches are perfectly hidden under folds. The soles of the shoes are padded and so are the edges. So say no to swollen toes, painful heel and even bruised feet. You can wear those all day long.

The satin or silk make of the Vera Wang shoes make it popular among the brides. You will also get the shoes in matte or semi-glossy finish. Choose the look as per your outfit but one thing is for sure that you will get elegance. The Vera Wang shoes can come in simple designs without any frill and attachments and you can buy one that can be dyed later on. This simplistic make often helps the buyer in accessorizing the shoes as per her needs. For example add a big rhinestone on the front or hang a bead work from the ankle strap. You also have the option of shoes with or without heels. Knowing the length of the heel is important so that you can adjust your gown length accordingly.

Once the wedding is over, you can choose to dye your shoes and add different matching accessories. With a price tag kicking off from $300, Vera Wang bridal shoes may appear within the budget for many. The shoes are definitely worth the expenditure because these are bound to stay strong for long and can be worn in evening parties and special occasions. The elegance of material like silk or satin lies in its smoothness. Rest assured that once you touch a Vera Wang shoe or glide your fingers along one, you will know that we are not bluffing. An exquisite feeling of smoothness surrounding your feet and comforting it on your special day; now that's worth some mullah!

So go ahead and kick start your marital life in style, walk down the aisle and ensure that heads are turned in every way; Vera Wang shoes have been chosen by many celebrities over the years and their wedding shoes are definitely a class apart. Make your special day memorable from head to toe and complete your attire with Vera Wang shoes. Remember the best part is that you can dye the shoes, accessorize those differently and wear those later.

About the Author

Gregg Hall is an author living on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Now that you know a little more about wedding shoes be sure that you get designer shoes by going to http://www.nsearch.com

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The Engineering of a Sandal

A sandal goes through the engineering process just like any other product, from conception to production. Here is how it is done.

Phase 1 - Design

Just like an artist, the sandal designer starts with an idea. Do they want to make a dressy sandal, a comfortable sandal, or a minimalist sandal? The conception phase is usually driven by the company that the designer works at; an Italian shoe designer, for example, is going to want a very different sandal than an American company specializing in sport sandals.

Depending on the simplicity of the sandal, the designer may simply work with fabrics and plastics, cobbling together their latest creation by hand, or they may have to plot everything out on the computer with the aid of a CAD design program.

Phase 2 - Testing

This phase may be very long or very short depending on the company. Some companies hire podiatrists and other medical professionals, such as chiropractors, to test the product once it is designed. Some tests can get fairly involved, measuring gait, speed of stride, and rotational movement of the foot. It may be back to the drawing board if the company does not like the test results.

This is rarely the approach for the higher end sandal designer - they are more concerned with the stylish nature of the sandal, and how well received it will be on the runway, then how medical professionals react to the product. If you want style, you want a dressy sandal. If you want engineered comfort, go for the pricier comfort sandal; you know from the price that they have more money for research and development.

Phase 3 - Production

Once a design has been ironed out and tested, it is time to produce enough of them for all of the people who wish to buy them. Most companies that manufacture sandals do so in developing countries like China or Thailand. This does not mean that quality is sacrificed; company representatives frequently visit their factories to ensure that the production is going according to the design, and the proper materials are being used.

A shoe and sandal production line will feature various leatherworking, shaping, and gluing machines. Detail work is often kept to a minimum in order to conserve dollars. A typical sandal takes less than 30 minutes to make.

The higher end dressy sandals are crafted in a much more time-intensive and painstaking manner; the brand name and this care are what justifies their higher price. A high end sandal may take as long as a whole day to produce.

Phase 4 - Marketing And Sales

This phase is not so much a phase as a concurrent step with the others. There is no point to making the sandal if nobody is going to wear it. Aggressive promotion of the season's line through brand promotion and samples of the new line sent to stores ensure that buyers know about the sandal, and hopefully through persuasion will add them to their summer shoe lineup.

About the Author

Save money when you buy sandals online. Browse the hottest brands including Naturalizer sandals. Also shop online for pink dress sandals.

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Merrell Shoes: High Performance and Durability

Like other parts of the body, your feet also need special treatment to work tirelessly throughout the day. Generally, people tend to use footwear that provides coziness to their feet. Today, the world is getting fashionable day by day, resulting in the improvement of art and technology in every sphere of life. As a consequence, people value goods on the basis of fashion and efficacy. Considering the changing attitudes of people, even shoe manufacturers have undertaken innovative method to design and developed footwear in consonance with the trend and tastes of people. Merrell shoes, for instance are produced by suiting the needs of different individuals in different conditions.

Shopping for a pair of Merrell shoes is a prudent decision, since such shoes are available in collections as diverse as from sandals to slides to lace-ups to boots. You can use Merrell footwear on the rough terrain surface, muddy patch, slippery floor, staircase, and the list goes on. Whether you are looking for a pair of women’s Merrell shoes, Merrell running shoes, Merrell kids shoes, or discount Merrell shoes; you will surely find the right Merrell shoes tailored to your feet and budget. For high performance men’s outdoor footwear, it is suggested to choose Merrell because this brand offers you perfect balance between lightweight and durability. In addition, Merrell shoes are highly water resistant and can let your feet free to breathe, and thus reduce the change of feet sweating or feet odour.

The advancement of technology helps shoe manufacturers to trade online with the support of the World Wide Web. Consequently, consumers adopt online shopping, which is fast, hassle free, and economic. It is suggested to read reviews and do comprehensive research on specifications and features of Merrell shoes before purchasing them. Online retailing sites allow you to buy a pair of Merrell shoes at a wholesale price. So, order your choice of shoes today; you are assured to receive the said product with no shipping charge whatsoever.

About the Author

Planet Shoes is specialize in Comfortable, Healthy, Earth Friendly products, and dedicated to selling the most comfortable Merrell Shoes possible at value prices. Merrell Shoes are the shoes that breathe, and very good for health.

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Keep Your Shoes Organized with These Tips

Shoes may put the finishing touch on your outfit, but they should not be the cause for chaos in your closet. It is very easy for shoes to take over your closet, and even your home. Remember, for every person, there are at least two shoes. It is very easy to kick off your shoes and leave them where they lay, but that is the first step into cluttering your home or closet with shoes.

The best tip you may ever get about keeping your shoes organized is to put them away. That means designating a certain place in your home or closet for your shoes. You can determine where the best place for your shoes is by thinking about what the shoes are for.

A great way to choose the best spot for your shoes is to think about it strategically. For example, if you do a lot of gardening or yard work, you may want to keep the shoes you wear on a shoe rack in the garage, possibly by the gardening tools. This way, you will always know where your shoes are and you won’t track dirt, mud, and grass into the house from the yard.

Beyond your gardening shoes, you may have several other pairs to deal with, which most likely are kept in your closet with the rest of your clothes. One of the first things you should do when attempting to organize your shoes is to take all of your shoes (yes ALL of them) out of the closet and line them up. Sort through your shoes and get rid of any shoes that you don’t wear. You should donate all the shoes you don’t wear to charity. Worn out or old shoes you don’t wear anymore may be the nicest shoes in the world to someone who is less fortunate.

Once you have sorted through your shoes and decided which pairs to keep, your next step is to think about how often you wear each pair. The shoes you wear daily or most frequently should be the most accessible in your closet. You can even think about organizing your shoes by season as well. Keep all the winter boots in one area and summer sandals in another. If you want to get crazy, try sorting shoes by color.

After you have sorted all of your shoes, next you will need to place them in your closet in an orderly fashion. Keeping shoes on the floor of your closet is not recommended, doing this makes it way too easy to just kick them off, and back onto the floor. Doing this for a week will lead to the same closet clutter we are trying to avoid. When your shoes have a designated place, it is just easier for you to find your way around your closet.

A great way to keep your shoes organized, once you have sorted them, is to use stackable shoe cabinets or shoe racks. These organizational products allow you to place shoes neatly within a concentrated area. Using these items to house your shoes will guarantee that you will never search high and low for that pair of black strappy sandals again.

If you have a smaller closet with a lot less floor space, hanging shoe racks are very handy. Most hanging shoe racks will hold up to ten pairs of shoes and can hang easily from the closet bar. There are even hanging shoe racks for the back of the closet door, or even your bedroom door. A shoe tower is also a good alternative to the hanging rack or stackable cabinet.

If you have plenty of closet space, think about using shelf dividers to keep your shoes in order. The shelf dividers will also make it possible for you to have shoes on one part of the shelf while storing other items, such as sweaters or jeans on another shelf. Placing your shoes on shelves will also make them very accessible and visible.

Clear, plastic shoe boxes are an excellent way to keep your shoes organized within your closet. These simple storage boxes are also a wonderful way to preserve your shoes and save money from having to purchase replacement pairs that have been exposed to the elements of your closet.

As long as you follow these simple tips to organizing your shoe collection you should never have to trip over those high heels when reaching for that shirt in the morning. It will also help ease the frustration of finding that perfect pair of shoes to complement your outfit for that date or that job interview. Just remember, once you have gone through all the trouble of organizing your shoes, simply putting them back in their proper place when not wearing them will help you keep them that way! It’s just like what Mom said when you were five, “When you’re finished with them put them back where you found them!”

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