Plus Sizes Slippers For The Stylish You

Slippers are not special foot wear. They are footwear that exists for comfort within the bounds of the house. If it exists, then it is worth owning and wearing. But even though they are not special, you can look pretty and special with it. They are not available to make you look rugged alone especially that they just don’t come in dull rubber or leather. You can still be stylish even in slippers as they also come in various sizes, shapes and styles.

Women plus sizes are not exempted from wearing slippers. Many footwear stores are already offering slippers with wide width. To get the most of the stylish women plus sizes, there are slippers that come in trendy materials and colors. There are slippers in plus sizes that are leopard spotted or ballet shoes-type. There are also made of bandana clothes, silk mules and thongs in plush velvet. Colors ranges from earth colors to bright and pastel.

If you want to go in style even at home, plus sizes slippers comes in variant. You can choose wide width slippers that matches your silk chemise or your baby doll nightie. The idea is for you to feel comfortable at home and feel pretty at the same time. After all, it’s your home, your style and your beauty that needs ultimate care. So you can do anything to make it all happen. Good thing, all kinds of slippers in plus sizes are available in the market today. You won’t find it hard to be what you want to be even at home. It’s all a matter of choice.

By: Cherry Bonachita

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Are Samuel Windsor Shoes Good Value?

Buying shoes online can be a good way to snap up bargains and to get the most from your money. Over the past few years, I've bought footwear from a number of online retailers, with mixed results.

Many people may not think to buy shoes online - after all, how can you be confident in buying an item that you'd ideally like to try before you buy.

This was also a genuine concern for me before I started to look at shoe shopping online. I was given some advice from a friend that was to prove very useful.

He pointed out that he bought a lot of clothes online and that he relied heavily on being able to buy online and then return garments that he wasn't happy with. He suggested that a similar approach could be applied to buying footwear.

I started to take a closer look at the returns policies stated by various websites. I realised that many would allow you to allow you to buy some shoes, try them on and then return them if you weren't happy with them.

This meant that it was possible to make sure that they were the right size, offered comfort and looked the way that I had expected them to.

BY taking such an approach, I've been able to transform the way in which I shop for shoes. Importantly, I can now take advantage of the lower prices that are offered online, without having to be worried about purchasing a pair of shoes that might not fit.

I've found that Samuel Windsor shoes offer good value. I tend to take advantage of their frequent offers, which often mean that I can get two pairs for the price of one.

Look out for the best deals and buy online with confidence - you can save plenty by buying shoes on the internet.

By: Keith Barrett

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A Whole New World Of Shoes

The way in which many of us buy shoes has been transformed in recent years. The rise of internet footwear retailers has meant that there are now lower prices on offer than we might previously imagined.

But do online stores really offer value for money? What differences are there between shopping for shoes online and using a traditional bricks and mortar store.

Before the rise of the internet, most of us would probably have shopped in a local high street store. The picture would have been familiar to many of us.

We would most likely walk in off the street and browse through the selection of shoes on offer. In most stores there would often have only been one half of each pair of shoes.

This meant that once we'd selected a shoe that we liked, we'd have to ask the assistant to fetch us the other half of the pair in the correct size, thus enabling us to try them on and check that they were to our liking and were also comfortable to wear.

Depending on your point of view, this scenario was either endearing or rather annoying. On the one hand, how great it was to have such personal attention to our footwear purchases.

On the other hand, how annoying that buying shoes seemed to be so time consuming and that our choices were rather limited.

The internet has brought us the advantages of being able to compare prices quickly and easily, thus helping us to feel like we're getting better value for money.

We have, however, lost the ability to try before we buy. Or have we? By making use of the returns service that is provided by many internet shoe stores, such as Samuel Windsor here in the UK, it's now perfectly possible to return shoes if they're not to your taste.

Take advantage of online shopping to get great shoes at low prices.

By: Keith Barrett

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Buying From Samuel Windsor Online

I'm not sure that I can face another trip to my high street shoe store. I tend to look rather aimlessly at the rows of shoes, all neatly displayed on those metallic shelves.

It always seems to me that there's something that's not quite right. I'm standing in the shoe shop looking at all of these footwear options and yet a little something seems to be missing.

In fact, many somethings appear to be missing. Why is it that there is only one shoe from each pair on display? Do they expect us to hop around on one foot, wondering whether our new shoe will allow us to make some form of fashion statement?

No - of course they don't! They expect us to call over to the shop assistant to ask them to nip into the back room and select the other shoe to give us a matching pair.

What a great idea! Unfortunately, it may take me some time to attract the attention of the assistant. They are, after all, probably busy dealing with another customer.

Not to worry, they'll soon be diving into the stock room and searching high and low for that perfect matching shoe.

Once they return, I'll be able to struggle a little with the laces and then finally have a new pair of fine shoes on my feet. I can saunter over to the mirror and see whether these new shoes look great on me.

They don't, of course. I've forgotten to wear the right pair of trousers. They just don't go. I wonder whether they would work better with a different pair of trousers. Now's not the time to find out - I can't be bothered to go home and get changed.

Are they slipping a little on my heels? Do they seem to be crushing my big toe? It's hard to tell but it doesn't matter - I'll take them and join the lengthening queue!

Do scenes like this sound familiar to you? It's experiences such as these that persuaded me to shop for footwear online.

I now avoid the irritation, the hassles and the queues by buying shoes online from Samuel Windsor. A far more pleasant experience.

You should join me there - you may even get a discount.

By: Keith Barrett

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Help With Shoe Shopping

Do you struggle when it comes to shopping for a new pair of shoes? It's clear that some people enjoy looking for footwear somewhat more than others. If you need some help, then this article is an excellent starting point.

There are clearly numerous styles of shoes available right now. If you're thinking about doing some shoe shopping then it may be because your previous footwear have become too old, or maybe because you need something for a particular occasion, such as a party or wedding.

It's likely that you'll basically have two main options when you come to think about making a purchase. The first option will be to go down what we might think of as being the traditional route.

That would involve taking a trip to a store and looking to make a purchase there.

A second option would be to make use of the internet to make a purchase online. So which would you prefer?

This can be a dilemma for some consumers but the reality is that there are pros and cons to both options. You need to think about your needs and what's best for you.

Let's start by turning our attention to buying from a physical store. The first thing to say is that this is likely to involve some travelling on your part, unless you're fortunate enough to live right next to a selection of shoe shops.

Each individual store will carry a relatively limited range, so you'll need to visit a number of stores if you are particular about your purchases.

There are advantages, however. Most notably, you'll be able to try on a new pair of shoes immediately and see how they look and feel.

So what about shopping online? The main advantages are clearly the selection of footwear that is available and the prices. You can make significant savings online.

How about the disadvantages? One is that you will have to wait for your new shoes for you to arrive via the post, which may take a day or two. This is not to everyone's liking.

Online returns policies will often mean that you will at least be able to send them back to the online store if you don't like them, or they're not comfortable.

The choice on how to shop for shoes is a personal one. When I choose to shop online, I usually opt for Samuel Windsor, as I appreciate their prices, selection and service.

It's for you to decide on how you prefer to shop.

By: Keith Barrett

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9 Foot Facts About Children's Feet

The following is 9 interesting facts about children's feet that may address some of your concerns about how your child's feet develop:

Whether your little one is the world's greatest living room performer or an expert sandbox engineer, she's constantly curious and always on the go! The early years of your child's life are a critical time to support growing bones and developing joints. It cannot be overstated the effect proper footwear has during the early years of your child's development.

Fact 1:

It takes nearly 18 years for a child's foot to mature fully. During this time, you should make the effort to ensure that your child's shoes are the proper size so that proper growth can occur.

Fact 2:

In the first 10 years, your child's foot will grow a total of about 6-inches. The greatest changes will occur in the first 3 years of life.

Fact 3:

Your child's feet are subjected to enormous stress not typically experienced by the average adult foot. In fact, the stress on a child's foot can be 3 times the stress experienced by adult feet. Our shoes are designed with padded footbeds to absorb this stress.

Fact 4:

Your child's bone structure will be fully developed in the first 24 months of life.

Fact 5:

Your baby's feet will grow faster during his first three years of life than at any other time in his life. That's why it is recommended that your baby's shoes be checked every 3 months from age 1 to age 3 to make sure that the shoes are the proper size!

Fact 6:

Your baby's foot contains more cartilage than bone. That's why children shoes come in various widths so the shoe does not restrict your child's normal foot growth.

Fact 7:

Your baby's foot arch is not fully developed for the first two years of life. If fact, many children's arches are not completely developed until puberty. You may see at various times that your child's foot turns in or out, or may pronate due to the fact that the foot arch has not fully developed. In order to protect your child, good athletic shoes with appropriate arch supports, padded collars and footbeds, and good heel counters are recommended from ages 3 and older to protect your child from injury during their peak playing years.

Fact 8:
The toes on your baby's feet are proportionally longer than an adult's.

Fact 9:

Your baby's foot perspires two to three times the rate of an adult. We highly recommend cotton socks be worn and changed once during the middle of the day to reduce the chance of a foot fungus.

During these critical years of development and activity, the design, construction, and fitting of children's shoes require special skill and attention. Many medical practitioners believe that the majority of adult foot problems stem from poor foot and shoe experiences over the course of a child's developmental years. Therefore, it is critical that proper shoe selection be made in these early years.

For online assistance in helping you fit your child's shoes from a company that has been fitting children shoes for over 23 years, please either call us at 1-866-235-0626, or visit us online at http://www.tootsiesstriderite.com

By: John McNutt

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Mens Sandals: Look For The Made In America Label

For many men, the thought of buying sandals isn't too appealing, as men typically aren't avid shoe shoppers by nature. That being said, the average man is more leery about buying shoes off the rack at discount department stores or specialty discount footwear retailers, as the record of quality and (in some cases) safety can be a bit sketchy. Men want to get some life and value out of their sandals.

Mens sandals is a challenging business. Sandals made in USA are of a higher quality than sandals made in other countries. This is important because men aren't usually loyal to one brand over another. They will buy high quality sandals but buy more on convenience rather than loyalty. There are some manufacturers in the USA who have decided to take on the challenge of winning of these fickle male shoppers. They customize their sandals so that men will keep coming back for more. They also make sure that their sandals are made to last.

Mens sandals made in America are carefully handmade by trained workers and this means your shoes are not mass produced in a foreign factory or by inexperienced people who don't know how to make shoes. You can be confident that the sandals are bound with strong thread that will hold your sandal together and will last a long time when you wear them under normal everyday living conditions, as well as for more strenuous activities.

Mens' leather sandals are made from the finest American materials. This means that their quality is much higher than sandals made by other manufacturers. This does not mean that they cost more. They do offer a better fit and a longer life than sandals made from cheaper materials, such as suede and other synthetic materials.

An extra bonus is that a lot of the leading high-end sandal manufacturers offer a custom fit especially for a man's foot. Sandals for men are infamously poor-fitting in many instances, therefore the capability of custom fitting the sandal for an individual's foot produces a much more comfortable item of footwear as well as one which should wear longer and more evenly for the typical male wearer.

If you're a guy looking to pick up some breathable footwear while also having standards for quality and substance in your shoe, consider buying mens sandals made here in the USA. The best fit, the best finish, and the best material used in making the sandals ensures that your footwear purchase will be a dream and not an ordeal.

By: Tom S Powers

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Athletic Shoes

Shoes for comfort

If you do a lot of walking you will need to get either a pair of men’s walking shoes or women’s walking shoes, now which pair you get depends on you, and whether or not you like wearing shoes from the opposite sex. There are also women’s and men’s sports shoes, so you can have a good time running up and down your street, even if you are training for some sort of race, you will find that our athletic footwear will give you a great advantage. So do not settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your feet, you do not want to end up with corns, ingrown nails and feet that pain for the rest of your life, take care of your feet in comfortable shoes, and reap the rewards later.

You probably did not know this, but as soon as you wear a pair of shoes that does not fit your quite right, you are in danger of affecting your feet, and you will, if you are to keep those shoes on, feel loads of pain later in the day. Now if you where to go to a doctor about you feet, say you suffer from pain if your feet, he will ask you questions about your shoes, what size are you and what size shoe are you wearing, what type of shoe do you walk in, if you walk, what type of shoes do you stand in, do you have a high bridge in your foot, and does your shoe accommodate this? There are many things to look at when you buy a pair of shoes, but the most important thing is that they are comfortable, because if they are not, you will suffer from sore feet, and you could even get corns and ingrown nails, and we all know how painful these are.

If you have a foot pain problem you will find that wearing athletic shoes will help with some pain relief. This is dues to the fact that they are comfort footwear and are made for heavy running and sports, which means they are soft and have very little affect of your feet. Now, there are many types of shoes you get, there are women’s walking shoes, there are men’s walking shoes, running shoes, and there are athletic footwear, there is comfort footwear if you are just standing, and running shoes if you are running. There is men’s sports shoes and women’s sports shoes of all kind, for all types of sports, and again, the trick to buying a pair of these shoes depends on what you are going to do with them, because you will not go walking or running in your casual shoes, and you will not got running in your walking shoes. So next time you go to the shops for your next pair of shoes, make sure you buy a pair for every occasion and for everything you do, and do not use shoes where they are not to be used.

By: Patrick Thona4 Patrick Thona4

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Comfort Shoes With Great Benefits

Get Contemporary And Comfortable Footwear For Daily Use

The contemporary comfortable footwear that has hit the market has a lot of health benefits and increases the confidence levels in us.

The contemporary lifestyle that we all lead is very hectic and fast that we often do not get enough time to take proper care of our health. All of us compensate for our exercise sessions by working on the treadmills and other equipments. None of us really has the time to walk our way to health.

Most of the times it is also because of the formal shoes that we are wearing that do not allow us to move about casually and restrict the flexible motion of our feet while they are on.

Understanding very well the scantiness of time that we all suffer from and the health problems that we are subjected to due to lack of walking exercises, many comfortable footwear options have hit the market. These footwear help to relax the body muscles and distribute the weight of the body proportionately, so that we never feel that tired feeling after walking for a couple of minutes.

As the weight is equi-distributed, there is no complaint of having a back or spine pain.

This comfortable footwear, as they come in all shapes, sizes and varied styles can be worn at every occasion and at every place. They relieve the ankles, hips, feet, spine and knees immensely and boost the energy levels to further the walking session. Because they are really very comfortable footwear and we tend to walk longer than usual, they have a very positive impact on our health.

These comfort shoes are handcrafted using finest available materials and incorporate patented technologies and cutting edges. These shoes are thoroughly tested for color fastness, tactile suitability and durability and are available in all the styles.

The entire range of this comfortable footwear includes the men shoes, comfort-walking shoes, men’s’-dress shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes, formal shoes and a lot more of men comfort shoes.

These comfort shoes are very durable and lightweight. The most outstanding feature of these shoes is that they are made from the materials that successfully absorb shocks. So, none of the jerks and bumps are felt during walking making it the favorite form of exercise.

Moreover, as these shock polymers are imbedded into the shoe construction, they elevate the height by approximately two inches and make us appear taller than we are. It does not have the look of platform or heeled men’s shoes and thus we are not left embarrassed. As we look taller and smarter, there is a new wave of confidence in us that further helps us to run our other jobs in life in a much smoother and better way.

Also, these shoes are rightly called as comfortable footwear as they have an industrially mastered spring that absorbs all the forces that are generated by our body. In turn, it transforms these tremendous forces into energized strides and the positive effects of this technology can be felt by us almost instantly.

In fact, these springs act as the stabilizers and help in controlling the footwear yaw leaving us absolutely ready for any condition change and perfectly balanced.

The latest technology in comfortable footwear is that of breeze advantage that circulates fresh air in the shoe thereby diminishing the growth of the microbes and increasing the comfort level.

By: Patrick Jr45 Thona Jr45

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Cut Your Footwear Bills

It seems only natural that many of us like to cut down on our household bills when ever we get the opportunity. So why is it that so many consumers continue to pay more than they need to for shoes?

This may not even be something that you have considered - it's clear that the cost of footwear is not top of the spending agenda for most people. If it were then we would expect to see buyers seeking out bargains and getting real value for money.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a preference for making a quick buy, rather than looking for the best purchase. This is strange, since shoes are not particularly cheap to buy.

Given that they do represent quite an expense, it might be expected that we'd spend some time investigating our options before making the best possible buy. The reality is, however, that this is simply not happening.

Millions of shoppers continue to visit traditional shoe shops and decide to pick out a new pair of shoes from those on display. Then, with the help of the shop assistant, they try them on and take them home.

Does this sound familiar? For many people this is the standard way of buying footwear. Why is it that we are not stopping to consider the fact that high street shoe stores actually carry a fairly limited range of shoe options.

Wouldn't it be better if we spent some time looking around to see if there are some nicer options elsewhere? That's before we even come to mention the issue of price. How many of us take the time to look at how prices compare from one store to the next?

If you really want to get a better deal on your next pair of shoes then your best move would be to shop online. By doing so, you can compare prices quickly and easily.

You'll also have access to a far greater range of shoes and be able to take advantage of new, flexible returns policies that remove many of the advantages that traditional stores might have been seen to hold.

If you don't shop online for your shoes then you're probably paying more than you should be. It doesn't make sense to waste money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Take advantage of internet deals and look to reduce your bills.

By: Keith Barrett

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How Do You Buy Your Shoes?

When friends get together it's funny what can crop up as subjects of conversation. Last year I got talking to a group of friends and we started to discuss the topic of shoes.

Shoes are not, in essence, that strange an item to discuss. Many of us wear them on an extremely regular basis so that may seem like quite an obvious item to mention.

When you think about it though, how often do you actually talk about them? When we started to discuss them our attentions turned to where we were all shopping.

A number of us were using high street stores, while others opted to buy theirs online. It was interesting to hear the reasons that people gave for shopping in the way that they do.

For some, it seemed obvious that footwear should be bought from a high street store. This wasn't always simply a case of inertia or a feeling that this had always been the way that things had been done.

Many saw high street stores as being the best option, particularly in terms of service. They wondered how it was, in fact, really possible to buy online.

There was a strong argument that some people liked to try on their shoes and make sure that they were comfortable before buying. They felt this was only possible in such a store.

Others weren't quite so convinced. They wondered whether trying on a pair of shoes in a shop for just a few minutes really gave much of a guide to how comfortable they'd be over a period of time.

They also pointed out that it was equally possible to purchase shoes online and then send them back to the internet retailer if they weren't right.

The biggest arguments put forward for buying online were that this option gave access to a wider range of shoes and made it easier to compare prices. In effect, it was seen as a better way of getting a good deal.

This whole conversation has made me think again about the way in which I buy shoes - how do you buy yours?

By: Keith Barrett

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Take A New Approach To Shoe Shopping

If you're in need of a new pair of shoes then where will you go to buy them? Many people would visit a shoe store but I prefer to shop from the comfort of my own home.

I find footwear shopping is a real pain. Unless you're fortunate enough to live in a city centre location then simply getting to your nearest store can take a fair amount of time.

Once you're there you are going to be presented with a much smaller range of shoes than you would find online. You may find it hard to see whether you are being offered a good deal or whether there might be cheaper options elsewhere.

You may decide that you need to visit another store - before long, the length of time needed to make your footwear purchase really starts to add up.

That's even before you take into account the amount of time that you will spend in queues or waiting for the shop assistant to help you to find a complete pair of shoes to try on.

It's pretty clear that shopping in this way is not much fun, but is very time consuming. So why do we put ourselves through all this hassle?

One reason that many people give is that they would prefer to shop online but they like to try shoes before they buy. It's certainly important that your shoes should fit properly.

What many people don't realise is that you do effectively have the option to try before you buy with online shoe stores too.

Improved returns policies have introduced a great deal of flexibility - you can now get shoes delivered and then return them if they don't fit, if they arrive damaged or if there is some other problem.

This flexibility is great news for consumers. It means that we no longer have to rely on high street stores. We can now shop online and make significant savings when purchasing shoes.

Why continue to shop at traditional stores when you could be saving money?

By: Keith Barrett

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Get Better Footwear Deals Online

Do you still buy your shoes from a high street store? If you do then you could well be missing out. Our investigations show that you could be saving by buying footwear online.

Understanding why this is the case involves taking a closer look at the way in which stores operate. Firstly, let's examine the role of a high street shoe shop.

Many people would choose to shop here because they are local and you can visit the store to try on a pair of shoes. Once you reach the shop, you will find a range of shoes on the shelves and probably have an assistant help you as you try them.

One point to note here is that the range of footwear available will actually be fairly limited - especially when compared to online retailers.

Despite this, there is clearly a cost involved in the retailer having premises, storing the stock and recruiting staff. All of these costs are being passed on to customers, like you.

How do online stores compare? Although they still have storage costs, they don't need to be in premises in popular high streets. This means that their costs will be lower.

They also avoid having to maintain large numbers of sales staff. Once again, this gives them an advantage in cost terms when compared to traditional stores.

But, you may well ask, surely the service must suffer if they don't have the shop and the staff? One clear problem would also seem to be that, given the lack of a store, it's not possible to try before you buy.

This may seem like a significant problem when it comes to purchasing footwear. Fortunately, most big online shoe retailers have returns policies designed to offer you flexibility.

These mean that you can, in fact, buy footwear and try it on in the comfort of your own home. If you then find that your new shoes simply aren't right, you can return them to the internet store.

A simple solution to this particular problem and one that makes online shopping so much more attractive.

Buying shoes online can save you a lot of money.

By: Keith Barrett

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How To Avoid Sandals Odor

When you find right sandals, you feel rejuvenated because you know your gonna enjoy in the hot days and be comfortable. But, even if you decide to go for a leather sandals, there are still some problems that ruin the fun. What happens is that the warm weather helps the bacteria to develop and multiply and they are not such a friendly organisms at all.

You have to admit it is more then embarrassing if your sandals stink in a crowd of people. The odor is actually caused by the sweat that gets accumulated in the sandals and flip flops soles and thus generates odor causing bacteria. Well, here you can find 5 simple tips to avoid stinking smell in your sandals and have a trouble-free walk.

Whether you have been all day long in shoes or just an evening party, your feet tend to sweat. This sweat gets wicked by the soles of the footwear and further causes to the growth of odor causing bacteria thus producing stinking smell. Shoe odor not only spoils your impression in the crowd but also leads to foot-health issues like athlete's foot. So, proper care should be taken with regard to shoe odor. But how one can prevent or remove smell from the sandals? Well, keeping your sandals smell free is not so tough task to do. Below listed are some easy ways to make your shoes smell free.

* The foremost tip is always keeps your feet neat and dirt free. Wash your feet with some good antibacterial soap and most importantly scrub and then clean in between the toes properly. Wipe and dry your feet immediately washing. Never wear sandals with wet foot as this may cause in quick odor formation.
* If your feet prone to sweat excessively, then it is ideal to prefer some antiperspirants to prevent moisture formation. One can even find antibacterial gels and anti fungal powders available in the market to apply on your feet to restrict the bacterial growth in your feet and in the sandals as well.
* Spray your shoes with disinfectants and deodorizers specially designed for shoe odor. They help in avoiding odor in your shoes and indeed prevent your foot health as well.
* After every wear expose them to air or if possible dry them under sunlight but not in direct sunlight. This will kill the bacteria and keep your shoes smell free. You can even try sprinkling baking soda or bicarbonate in your sandals and leave them an overnight after every wear. Bicarbonate is an ideal agent to kill the bacteria and leave your shoes stench free.
* Wear footwear designed with breathable materials like canvas or mesh that are highly breathable in nature and thus avoid any moisture formation that cause stench.

These are all great tips and if you can manage to do even some of them, you will see the benefits. Sometimes it is not easy to fight the odor in sandals and flip flops, but you have to at least try it if you don't want your summer days to be completely ruined. I know you would like to buy a new sandals when bacteria occurs, but now you don't have to. Now you know a better way to save your precious sandals on your feet.

By: GillianRan

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Christian Louboutin Shoes: Why All The Hype?

Christian Louboutin shoes are known first and foremost for their red soles, which are subtle, yet indicate the brand. They started in 1992 in Paris and they sell pumps, boots, and wedges for up to one thousand dollars. Christian Louboutin is now one of the highly recognized brands in the fashion world, as celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker wear them to high profile events. The general public has become fascinated with designer shoes in general, as magazines and TV shows glorify the luxury lifestyle of celebrities today. Many designers reap the benefits of this phenomenon, as they get more and more middle class shoppers buying their products.

Christian Louboutin shoes can be found in boutiques and retailers around the world from Hong Kong, London, and Paris to Los Angeles, Mosbow, and New York. They are carried in Department stores such as Barneys, Bergdorf-Goodman, and Neiman Marcus. One thing that many shoppers don't know is that authentic Christian Louboutin shoes can be found at online auctions as well, where they go for over 50% off the retail price. High end designer items like these can add up when you buy multiple pairs, so saving on them can add up to big savings over time.

With the popularity of this brand there are also a lot of knockoff replicas in circulation, which hurts Christian Louboutin. They lose money from this illegal reproduction business. If you are in the market for designer shoes, you might as well go for the real thing because not only are you getting to wear the same shoes as your favorite movie stars, but you also get shoes that last long and look better than most others out there. And last but not least, the quality of your shoes will be second to none, as they are typically handcrafted and made with the best materials, making them very comfortable.

So, good luck in your search for the perfect pair of shoes. You can find great deals on them if you look in the right places. Look at wholesalers and other online outlets, including auction sites. There you can find discounts from retailers with extra stock, or from other fashionistas who happened to buy the wrong size and need to get rid of their shoes. If you have both patience, discipline, and a serious drive to find discount shoes, you will be successful. Good luck and happy hunting!

By: Joshua Belden

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The Changing Of A Shoe

Remember when skateboarding was just another trend and our parents wished it would just go away? I do. And, skateboarding didn’t go away. Now the activity is as much a part of American popular culture as baseball and football. When I was an adolescent and skating just hit my town, me and my friends would go skateboarding every day after school. During those days, there was not a lot of marketing surrounding the fade. Because of that, we just had our skateboards and that’s all anyone cared about. Of course, that has all changed. Now, there are lines of clothes and shoes for every taste.

When I first started skate boarding footwear wasn’t really a concern. I’d just strap on any old pair of casual shoes I had laying around. Some of my friends would even skate in their sandals or boots, I always thought they were crazy. Of course, there weren’t any real choices then. As the years passed by several types of shoes specifically made for skateboarding have since come and gone and now we have several types to choose from.

For a long time I used canvas shoes. This may have been in part, due to the fact that I used to play a lot of hacky sack. And canvas footwear was the way to go for kicking the bean bag around. And, who wants to think about having to get a separate pair of shoes when you already have a perfectly good pair in the closet. Canvas shoes were good skateboarding shoes in the beginning because all you really needed was a flat sole so your foot would have as much contact space with the board and road as possible. But as skate boarding grew and became increasingly more popular people started doing new things on their boards. People started to skate on half pipes, empty swimming pools and constructed skate parks. As the diversity of the activity expanded the shoe need to do the same. Now the canvas shoe began to show some weaknesses. The first thing that begins to be seen is the obvious wear. Because of the tricks done with the skateboard the canvas begins to wear down on the outside of the foot around the small toe and the outer ridge of the foot. This may be the first flaw noticed with the canvas shoes, partly because it is visually noticed. The second major issue with canvas footwear is the lack of support provided, not always noticed right away because it come with time. A good skate shoe needs to provide ankle support while still allowing for full mobility. Most canvas shoes don’t have aches in the sole or heal support. For the most part the shoe is just a sole, some canvas, and shoes strings.

The solution to this came along in the form of a low cut shoe with ache support, reinforced heal and toe, suede shoe leather and a thick sole. Because skateboarding has become such a diverse activity the shoe needed for it had to become more suitable for the activity.

Skateboarding past through being a fade or a trend. The activity has become a household word and is quite often some ones hobby within the household. I still think about picking up skateboard and strapping on my shoes and hitting the streets. Perhaps, I’ll see you out there.

By: Jack Moe

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Locals Sandals - The Official Footwear Of Hawaii


Rubbah slippahs (Hawaiian Slang for rubber sandals or flip-flops), were originally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by the Japanese. The rubber slipper is still, by far, the most popular footwear of Hawaiian locals. They are cheap comfortable and stylish.

The original brand of rubber slippas in the Hawaiian Islands are “Locals Sandals”. They have been the “surfer’s choice” for twenty years and running. Virtually everyone living in Hawaii has at least one pair. These low-priced, island style slippers are also gaining popularity on the mainland as people begin to relize they don’t have to spend $30 to $50 to get a good pair of everyday sandals.


If you spend a lot of time outside, at the beach, waterfalls or even around the house, chances are you could use a pair of Locals. Locals can be worn virtually anywhere. They are the ideal footwear for hitting the beach, they’re light weight, don’t fill with sand and offer protection from hidden debris.

Locals also make a great shower shoe or around the house slipper. They easily fit in your bag and most of us living on the island store at least one pair in the car for those times when we forget our shoes at home (it’s a barefoot lifestyle out here). Locals Sandals to the rescue!


When it comes to style, Locals have something for everyone. By far and away the most popular is the traditional solid black sole with a smoke strap. Locals also come in a rainbow of other color straps, and for good reason.

In Hawaii everyone kicks off their sandals before entering a house (it is a sign of respect and helps keep dirt outside). It’s not uncommon to see fifteen pairs outside a front door. Having different colored straps help distinguish your sandals from everyone else’s and avoids the dreaded “Eh brah, you take my slippahs?”


Probably the biggest scam the surf industry has ever pulled is convincing the general public that they need to spend up-words of forty dollars for a pair of “cool” sandals. Wrong. There’s a much better alternative that we Hawaiian locals know about.

Besides the comfort and easy-going style, the coolest thing about Locals sandals is the price. Prices can range from $3.99 to $8.00. At such a ridiculously affordable price your Locals collection is sure to blossom (I have about four pairs).

Also when your dog chews them up or you forget them on the beach, you can breathe easy. The low price also makes these rubber slippers the ideal footwear for the kids (who seem to grow a size every month).


Depending on where you purchase your Locals Sandals, sizing may be different then you’re use to. In Hawaii locals are sold by the inch (not by shoe size), which can get a little confusing. We suggest you buy from a website that does the conversion for you.

Here is a basic guideline of the more popular sizes to help you select the right size.

4.5 - 5.5 = 9.5”
6 - 7 = 10”
7.5 – 8.5 = 10.5”

7.5 - 8.5 = 10.5”
9 – 10 = 11”
10.5 – 11.5 = 11.5”

Sizes are now available (at select locations) in mainland sizes, but they typically only come in whole sizes, so round up. If you wear a 7 ½”, you probably want a size 8. Selecting a size that comes just to the end of your heel will prevent mud and puddles from splattering up the backs of your legs when you’re off the beaten path.


Remember, like any other shoe, rubber slippers can become slippery when they get old and worn (though they hold up better then the $40 surf brands). A good tip that will increase the life of your Locals Sandals is to wash the salt and sand off every time you leave the beach.

A word of warning, you’re friends are probably going to try to take off with your locals after they see how stylish and comfortable they are.

Repeat after me – “Hey, brah no take my rubbah slippahs!”

By: Jazmin Blessed

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Lowering The Cost Of Shoes

Much of the economic news in recent months seems to have been about doom and gloom. Whether it's the credit crunch or falling house prices, it seems that we're all caught in the middle of an economic slowdown.

When it comes to shopping, it's not surprising that many of us will be looking to save money. It makes sense to try and reduce our outgoings, particularly if we're facing higher bills in other areas that are simply unavoidable.

So how can we go about saving money? I thought I'd do a little test. I started to look for a new pair of shoes and wanted to see whether I could shop more cheaply than I had been used to.

Would it be possible for me to lower the cost of my shoes? The only way to find out was to start shopping!

I would usually do my shoe shopping at a high street store, so I wandered down there to take a look at typical prices. They'd varied little since I'd last looked for footwear.

That may sound a little bit surprising but it is in line with what a number of UK retail analysts have been saying. Despite inflation, clothes prices have remained pretty steady.

This is because retailers have been trying not to increase costs, with high street sales already fairly slow.

So with footwear prices looking pretty stable, I wondered whether it would be possible to save more online. I soon realised that it would be.

It was clear that online prices have, in many cases, actually fallen over the last year or two. This is great news, particularly when combined with the rise of discount code sites.

These sites allow you to obtain additional discounts from online retailers. By shopping online and using such discounts, you can really lower the cost of shoes.

I opted to shop with an online retailer called Samuel Windsor. They offered a good online deal and I obtained a discount code from Offer UK, which allowed me to save even more money.

Shop around and save on shoes.

By: Keith Barrett

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Why Pay More For Shoes?

With prices rising for many of us in all areas of our lives, it's no surprise that many of us are looking to try to reduce costs. Clothes shopping is one area where there are savings to be made.

It helps to understand the way in which the clothing sector has been working in recent months. With inflation increasing and an economic downturn in progress, many consumers have decided to throttle back on their spending.

Maybe this is a decision that you have taken yourself. Faced with the rising cost of essentials, such as utility bills and petrol, it's no surprise that many of us would like to save in other areas.

When it comes to clothes shopping, this seems to be one area where many people are prepared to make sacrifices. On the face of it, this is bad news for clothes retailers.

They've had to respond in order to ensure that their level of sales don't drop. Their response has been to try and hold off increasing prices. In many cases they've actually been reducing prices in an attempt to keep people shopping in their stores.

Such price drops are obviously good news for consumers. They're being witnessed in many areas of clothes shopping, including in the case of shoe shopping.

If you're looking to purchase a new pair of shoes then you'd be wise to consider this situation. Many footwear retailers are desperate for customers.

This means that there are real bargains to be found. You don't need to be paying too much for shoes. Try and drive a hard bargain - as a consumer, you're currently in a position of power.

Looking more closely at the footwear sector, you might notice that a number of online retailers are offering special deals and discounts to encourage people to shop with them.

Stores such as Samuel Windsor, Clifford James and Next are all offering discounts to try and drive more customers to their websites.

Now is a good time to take advantage of these offers and save on the cost of buying a pair of shoes.

Remember that you're in a position of strength and make sure that you don't pay too much for your shoes.

By: Keith Barrett

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Quality Shoes At Low Prices

Many shoe retailers are worried that the current economic climate will make it hard for them to continue making the volume of sales that they require. They're responding by dropping costs, to the benefit of consumers.

At a time when many costs seems to be rising, it's refreshing from a consumer perspective to see that there are still bargains to be found in some sectors. As with the clothing sector as a whole, the footwear part of the market has seen some significant price discounting.

How has this situation occurred? One key reason has been that a combination of inflation, economic uncertainty and a lack of consumer confidence has meant that many stores have seen falling customer numbers.

In such difficult trading circumstances, stores have to respond if they want to survive. One type of response that we're seeing has been for a number of shoe retailers to reduce their prices.

This is being done in an attempt to persuade customers to spend once again. If you're looking to buy footwear then you can take advantage of this situation. Now is a great time to buy quality shoes at low prices.

What's the best approach? You could simply shop at high street stores, which is certainly one way of doing things. If you do opt for such an approach then don't forget to ask for discounts - if you don't ask then you definitely won't get!

An alternative is to shop online. You'll find that this approach gives you access to more stores and that you can also make use of some generous online discounts that are being offered.

Leading shoe retailers are actually making discount codes and special offers widely known in an attempt to attract you and other potential customers.

As a consumer, you're currently in a position of some strength. It makes sense to take advantage of that strength and to try and derive the most benefit from potential savings.

It's a great time to pay less for shoes, while still obtaining a pair that are of a very high quality.

Take advantage of the situation - it won't last forever!

By: Keith Barrett

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What About Shoes And Accessories To Goth?

Ok, so you've decided that you want to wear a goth dress.
It may be for a prom gown, halloween or party, but once you've made the decision to go goth, you really have to pay attention to the shoes and accessories, and here's why...

If you've never worn goth before, it's an all over image.
In other words, you have to go the whole hog.
If you wear a goth dress, you cannot wear any accessories that do not fit, otherwise you will be asking for jibes, and that's obviously not the intention!

The good news, is that there's a wide variety of styles that do work with goth, so you may be able to get away with, or customise what you already have.

On the shoes front, anything can work from high heel shoes, to thigh boots, to worker boots.
If you see someone in a rich coloured gown and worker boots, that's goth!
The exact same gown could be worn with high heels and lace stockings.
Two very different images, made so by the accessories complimenting the same dress.

The gothic look can be intimidating, sexy, or playful, so you need to make sure that your hair, make up and choice of bag reflect your decision.

You could have your hair in a classic up and held ballgown style, and accessorise it with bats or spiderweb for a fun goth look.
A more serious goth would probably have black hair, straight down.

Make up wise, you have the obvious white pasty look, with heavy black eyeliner and lipstick, or you could go for the glittery look if you want to be more lighthearted.

One accessory that comes free is the expression on your face, and again this may well be the ultimate factor in the image that people take away of you.

If you want to make people smile, choose your shoes and accessories accordingly, and smile yourself!
These tips will help to match your goth choice of dress to perfection.

By: Christopher Schwebius

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Buy Shoes For Less Online

Many consumers have realised that the internet can be a great source of cheaper products and services. From computer games to clothing, it seems that there are plenty of bargains to be found online.

From my own experience, I know that I've sometimes been wary of being some items online. There are some products that you feel that you really need to see and touch before you buy.

Until recently, shoes very much fell into this category for me. As far as I was concerned, I wanted to buy shoes from a local high street store.

This wasn't so much because I was wonderfully impressed by the standard of service that I received locally but was more because I liked to try shoes on before making a purchase.

Since this wasn't possible using an internet store, I could see little reason for changing my way of shopping for footwear. I was frequently being told that there were bargains to be found online but they simply weren't for me.

This situation changed recently when I was finally persuaded to try shopping for shoes online. The first thing that struck me was the range of options available.

Having been used to using traditional bricks and mortar stores, I was impressed by the range of shops and shoes that I now had available online.

It was also clear that I could easily and quickly compare prices. This meant that I was soon able to pick out bargains. But what about that tricky issue of trying before I bought?

I found that a good solution to this was to look for stores that had a flexible returns policy. This meant that I could buy footwear online, try it on and then return it if it wasn't suitable.

This was a simple solution and one that I had previously not been aware of.

I've not got into the habit of shopping for shoes online and found that I pay considerably less. I wish I had discovered this way of shopping sooner!

By: Keith Barrett

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Reduce Your Footwear Bills

With rising inflation and a slowing economy, it should come as no surprise that many families are attempting to reduce their spending. While this is not easily done on services such as utility bills, there are savings to be made in other areas.

Think about the type of purchases that you are intending to make and consider how much you are planning to spend. Are you going to be able to get what you want for a reasonable price?

These sort of considerations occur to many of us - they certainly did to me when I last wanted to do some clothes shopping.

With prices going through the roof in many areas, I wondered whether I might be able to save on my clothes. As I searched in stores and online I soon realised that I could make significant savings in one particular area.

It was an area of my shopping that I hadn't previously thought much about - shoes. I get through quite a few pairs of shoes, particularly when it comes to those that I wear to work.

Unfortunately, such footwear tends to be rather expensive. This is something that I have pretty much accepted over the years.

When I started to look at shoe prices online I realised that I could actually reduce my footwear bills. It was, in fact, possible to save at least 40% when compared to what I'd previously been paying.

The reasoning behind this is that it's actually a lot easier to compare prices online. Since we also have access to a wider range of stores, this means that we can look to make some significant savings that simply wouldn't be possible without the internet.

Another important factor is that many online shoe stores are getting pretty desperate to make sales.

So keen are they to attract new customers that they've often started introducing discount codes, or looking to make special offers available.

Such offers can save you even more money. The reality is that you can now reduce your shoe costs considerably by changing your habits and shopping online.

By: Keith Barrett

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Shoe Costs Can Be Reduced

We all like to save money where we can - there are few things more thrilling than getting a bargain! We set out to see whether it was possible to pick up some good deals when buying shoes.

You might wonder why we opted to look at shoes. It's a good question! One reason was that shoes seemed to be a relatively expensive item when compared to other clothing and accessories purchases.

That's not to say that we hadn't seen cheap shoes around - there are plenty of them. What had been harder to find was good quality shoes at seemingly reasonable prices.

It's maybe not surprising that this was the case. After all, if you've been following recent stories in the media then you'll know that inflation has been on the up.

The impacts of such pressures are clear for many industries. In the case of shoes, it's meant that raw materials have been increasing in price, as has the cost of getting footwear to shops.

So is it possible to pay less for shoes? After looking at the prices on display in high street shops, we decided to see how they compared with prices online.

We soon spotted that many web based footwear stores seem to be able to offer lower prices for good quality shoes. One reason for this is presumably because they have lower overheads.

It may also be that retailers have been trying to keep prices down. When faced with consumers with less money to spend, it's entirely possible that some retailers are desperately trying to encourage people to shop with them.

Another aspect here is that there was a wider choice available online and that it was much easier to compare prices. This makes it easier to spot a bargain.

One tip that we picked up was that you can also make use of discount codes, vouchers and special offers to reduce prices.

By shopping online and identifying bargains, it's certainly possible to reduce the costs involved when buying shoes.

By: Keith Barrett

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Buy Cheaper Shoes Online

My reasoning behind purchasing in this way had been that I liked to try on a pair of shoes before making a purchase. This simply didn't seem possible if I wanted to buy from an internet retailer.

When I did start to look at online options, I soon realised what I'd been missing out on. The first thing that strikes you is the level of choice that's available.

When shopping in the high street you're restricted to choosing from a limited number of stores, but the internet opens up a much wider range of stores.

This also means that internet shopping gives you access to a large range of styles and prices available. By using online price comparisons you can quickly identify the lowest prices on individual footwear ranges.

Are there any other advantages that you can look to gain? One point to consider is that many footwear retailers will be concerned about the possible consequences of an economic downturn.

As a result of these concerns, they are reacting by trying to compete with each other for customers. This means that they are taking actions, such as offering significant discounts.

Look out for online discount codes, vouchers and special offers. Any advantage that you can gain will help you to save money on your shoes when shopping online.

There are numerous shoe companies offering low prices - I like shopping with Samuel Windsor Shoes, but I'm sure that you'll soon have your own favourite.

By: Keith Barrett

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Shoes And The City

Looking attractive and sexy is the natural desire of every woman in the world. Whether you are a business lady or a university graduate, housewife or a party chick high heel shoes could either brighten your image or spoil the impression. However they say that fashionable stilettos can compliment any outfit. In addition to that it is common knowledge that high heel shoes are never enough in womens wardrobe.

That’s why many of womens shoes companies are flourishing nowadays. There are more than one thousand shoe brands and their products vary from cheap shoes by Michaele Antonio and Steve Madden to posh high heel shoes by Coach, BCBG, Guess and others. In any store of shoes one can find leather linings, padded insoles and soft material like corduroy, so you can find virtually any womens designer shoes that your heart desires.

Shopping shoes online has never been so much fun. Fortunately with the development of world wide web any women can choose her favourite designer shoes in online shoe stores and pick either expensive Italian shoes or cheap peeptoes, sexy high heels or comfortable sneakers. Many still prefer do the real shopping and buy shoes, high heel boots and stilettos pumps at specialized shoes store or in enormous shopping malls with their huge choice of footwear. So are you ready for shoe shopping? Let yourself surprise you with your next pair of favorite shoes.

By: Alex Swartzmacher

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You Can Find Cheaper Shoes Online

You may be looking to cut costs in some areas when purchasing items. That's understandable, given the current economic climate.Although some costs have been rising unavoidably, there are some areas where it's certainly possible to make savings. One such area is when it comes to purchasing clothing and accessories online.

This may sound surprising. After all, if costs in most industries have been rising then why wouldn't clothing prices be increasing too?

The reality is that the clothing sector has been hit by increased costs. Raw materials have increased, as have petrol prices, meaning that manufacturing and distribution costs are now considerably higher.

If we look at one area of clothing - shoes - we can see how the industry is reacting.

With consumers having less money available to spend, shoe retailers have been worried by the thought that they may have less customers in coming months.

Given that there are plenty of footwear retailers around and that they are all in competition, they've all had to look at how to react.

Their main reaction has been to avoid passing on increased costs to consumers. They realise that passing on the costs could make things worse.

So their reaction has been to keep retail prices down, with significant price drops in some areas. This is particularly clear online, where it's now possible to find some real bargains when you come to do your shoe shopping.

Take advantage of this situation and you can significantly decrease the amount that you currently spend on a new pair of shoes. There's no doubt that the money is better in your pocket than in that of a retailer!

Keith Barrett
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Find Cheaper Shoes Online

In recent years the footwear sector has been increasing in size online. It seems that more and more consumers are buying online. What's the story behind the rise of the internet footwear giants?

If you've looked to buy shoes online then you may have been surprised by the number of options available to you. If you search for a particular brand of shoes then you're likely to find that the manufacturer sells directly to members of the public.

But you're also likely to find that there will be a wide range of stores selling the particular brand of footwear. Prices can vary considerably between stores.

So why is it that so many stores have sprung up? The simple answer is that they have been responding to the wishes of more and more people to buy shoes online.

A few years ago many of us would not have chosen to buy footwear online because of various concerns, which ranged from the quality of products to the security of our financial information.

As we have increased our online spending, we have been willing to look at more products that could be bought online. Shoes fall into this category.

Retailers have realised that there is money to be made in this area, hence the considerable rise of internet based footwear retailers.

In the main, the impact for consumers has been positive, with healthy competition leading to low prices. Will prices start to rise in the face of increasing inflation?

Not necessarily. Given that there are so many retailers, all competing with each other, they face pressure to try and keep prices down. Such pressures are good news for consumers.

It means that we can still find cheaper shoes online, as opposed to shopping in high street stores. This trend looks set to continue, particularly with the introduction of discount codes and offers.

Keep looking for shoe bargains online - you can still save a lot of money.

By: Keith Barrett

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