Getting Designer Shoes For Less


It is not only those who are filthy rich that can afford a pair of designer shoes. This is because someone who is not $70 a day w who works hard and is able to save up can easily buy a pair in less than 3 months.

This may take a few months but the hard work pays off. Some consider this as a reward and will do so again in the future if something worth buying for comes up.

Unfortunately, there are times that when enough money has finally been saved, the desired item is no longer in stock. This sucks so some decide to buy something else that is similar to that one.

This doesn’t have to happen anymore because believe it not, there are some stores that sell these designer goods at a discounted price. The person will just have to compete with others to get it not in a race but in an auction and the highest bidder wins.

The Internet has given rise to the number of auction sites. The first and most popular is Ebay that sells more than 7 million items annually. The individual can become a member and find designer shoes such as Prada or Gucci there and get it after a few days after became declared as the highest bidder.

Before bidding, the person can check out a specialty store that has a similar item of the same make then try it on. Should this be perfect and the size is up for auction, the only thing to do will be to put in a bid and see what happens.

Aside from the price of the winning bid, the person will also have to pay a few more dollars for postage and delivery of the item. It is sometimes possible to negotiate with the seller to take care of it instead of bringing out additional cash.

Are the designer shoes being auctioned off online authentic? The answer is yes. Most of these sites require the seller to sell something genuine or be penalized accordingly. Websites such as Ebay monitor this to protect the name of the company and those who transact business via the web.

Buying designer shoes for less is possible. The person can wait until the store goes on sale or try getting it through an auction and be able to save some dollars to also buy other things from the Internet.


The Best Women’s Shoes To Own


With so many different women’s shoes available to buy, it is easy to get lost and not know which one’s to go for. However, there are some which really come in handy. These include:

* Low Heeled Black Pumps

Whilst there are many times in our lives where we attend special occasions, most of the time we are preoccupied with our ordinary, everyday, uneventful lives. This means that we do not always need fancy, high-heeled shoes, however much we want to wear them!

Sometimes the low heeled black pumps are better for the more casual events in our lives, and they come in handy when strappy sandals are just simply not appropriate. Funerals are a classic example, or a business meeting. Most women own a pair of low heeled black pumps at some time in their lives and they really do come in handy!

* Black High Heeled Shoes

All women’s shoe collections need a pair of black high heeled shoes in them! The color goes with literally every outfit and they make you look elegant yet sexy at the same time. The ‘Stella’ sling back sandal is a perfect example of a good Black High Heeled Shoe.

* Everyday Shoes

You need something to wear every single day and every woman is different so whilst one may prefer wearing sneakers, another may prefer flip flops. It all depends upon your individual style and preference.

* Warm Comfy Boots

Boots are great in winter and they really do help to keep your feet nice and snug and warm. There are some really fashionable ones to choose from these days and they go with literally all outfits from skirts to jeans.

Overall women’s shoes come in all shapes and sizes and you should make sure that you have at least a few different pairs to match your various outfits. For some women, there is no such thing as too many shoes!


Platform High Heels Vs Other High Heels

Introduction to platform high heels

Platform high heel shoes are shoes with thick soles often made of cork, plastic, rubber or wood. What differentiates platform high heel shoes from other high heel shoes is that they have both thick soles and high heels. Platform heels are therefore considered more comfortable than the traditional high heel shoes, as your feet are not at such a vast angle when standing in them.

By current fashion trends, very high platform heels are associated with the adult entertainment industry. Professional strippers, pole and lap dancers are often seen in high heel platform heels during their performances. Medium heel platform heel shoes are popular amongst teenagers and women in their twenties in the US and the UK.

Platform heels are first said to have been used in ancient Greece to increase the height of important characters in the Greek theatre. These were also used by prostitutes and courtesans in Venice in the 16th century. Though platform heels gained some popularity in the US, the UK and European countries between 1930s and early 1950s, their popularity rose significantly in 1970s and 1980s. Rock musicians frequently wore platform shoes during their performances. Catching onto the trend, young boys and girls wore them to get attention. In the late 1990s, the UK’s sensational band – Spice Girls - brought platform high heel shoes back into mainstream fashion as they frequently performed in large shoes.
Colors and models available online

sexy platform high heel shoesPlatform shoes are available in almost every colour imaginable and in a host of exquisite designs. At reputed online shoe shops you can find platform high heel shoes that suit a variety of tastes, moods, attitudes and occasions. Browse through online catalogues and you will find platform heels adorning the soles of almost all types of shoes ranging from sandals, sling backs, pumps, Mary Jane pumps, knee-length and thigh high boots, peep toe and closed toe shoes, thongs and more. The heel heights of the shoes usually vary from mid-heel to skyscrapers.

Colors of platform high heel shoes vary from a sober to funky. Commonly noticed colors include black patent, white patent, red patent, silver, blue, pink, brown, blue, yellow etc. Platform high heels in multicolor and twin-colors are also popular. Platform high heel shoes with clear heels, wooden soles (called clogs), and hidden heels are also quite popular these days.
Advantages of platforms high heels

Platform high heels shoes are of an ultimate advantage for women who love to wear heels but find it hard to balance in thin soled, pointy stilettos. Platform heels offer them all the advantages of high heels but with the comfort of flats. Platform heels with hidden heels are also of advantage for women who are shorter but want to look taller.

Platform heel shoes are available in a range of trendy designs and colors that especially suit the fun-loving teenagers and girls in their twenties. Platform shoes with very high heels render an ultimate sex appeal and are the preferred shoes of women in adult entertainment industry.
Disadvantages of platform high heels

When women wear platform high heel shoes, they are at the very real risk of falling. Even super model Naomi Campbell had to bear this disadvantage during a fashion show once.

Doctors warn against platform heels as they carry the risk of the development of flatfoot, because the ligaments and muscles remain idle while walking in platform shoes. Platform shoes are also not considered suitable for women drivers. This is because you cannot feel the effect of pressure on a pedal while you are wearing platform shoes.
Which is better – a platform high heel or other high heels?

Both platform high heel shoes and other high heels carry certain advantages and disadvantages. While high heel stilettos are currently a rage in mainstream fashion, platform high heel shoes continue to be a favorite of teenagers and young women who like to flaunt their fun loving attitude.

You can find a myriad variety of both platform high heels and various other types of high heel shoes at a trendy online shoe shop. You can buy high heel shoes, whether they are stilettos or platform high heel shoes,platform high heel shoes depending on your choice, attitude and the dress you want to wear it with. Designer platform shoes can easily be teemed with a designer pantsuit or classic shirtdress and look equally good on both tall and short statured women.
Why Platform high heels?

All fashion conscious young women in the UK and the US will invariably possess a pair of sexy high heel platform shoes. Platform high heel shoes add to the height of the women and make them look taller. Teenagers and women in their 20ies especially go for platform shoes as these are much friendlier and convenient to walk in compared to other high heel shoes.

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Balenciaga Women's Boots & Shoes - What is it Women Love About Balenciaga Shoes?


Some people just don't realize the importance of shoes and in this case Balenciaga women's shoes (especially guys!). Women on the other hand know how important shoes are for their style. A woman's shoes state who she is and what her style is like. They give her, her individuality! Her shoes express her style and her personality, and every woman wants to create an entrance, and a unique impression, when they walk into a room, and you just can't do that when you walk into a room with just any old shoes.

A Woman's Love of Shoes!

That's why women love Balenciaga shoes! These come in many different styles, and the colors are outstanding. These designer shoes are SPECIAL and made for that right moment, and that special occasion, even if it's just going to work! After all something has got to make you feel SPECIAL and Balenciaga shoes do that for you.

Balenciaga heels come in beautiful, classic styles and colors. They give you a touch of modern, and trendy, yet are great classic shoes. There really is no certain ONE style for Balenciaga women's shoes, and that's great, because there are so many styles and colors, and that means you can find that perfect pair, for that perfect occasion.

When you need that unique shoe style, something a little risqué and just a tad exciting, then you need to really look at the Balenciaga line.

Who is Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is one of the top fashion design houses of the day. This designing firm was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, who began acquiring fame as a designer around 1914. Today the the line mainly focuses on accessories, but is one of the most renowned fashion houses in the world. Is it any wonder that with so much experience, they wouldn't have some of the most gorgeous styles in women's footwear?

Who Wears Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is a symbol of elegance, style and wealth and many of today's celebrities continue to use Balenciaga. Celebrities like Keri Russell, and Katherine Heigl, love these classic yet fashionable shoe styles.

Balenciaga footwear whether boots, pumps, or flats are designed to be stylishly unique and extremely comfortable. This may be why their shoes tend to be so popular among women of all walks of life.

Latest Trends

The Balenciaga shoe collection this year as in previous years comes in stylish, bright colors, unique shapes, making your whole outfit come together perfectly. So whether you are looking for a fun style or a traditional work style you are sure to find it in the Balenciaga shoe collection, this year.

The Balenciaga collection is made with only the best materials and the most exclusive designs. They are made to be comfortable, durable, and GORGEOUS. If you want to spice up your wardrobe, and pull your fashion sense together, then you need to see the Ballenciaga collection. There are many different styles which will make you oooh and ahhh, and dream about your next fashion statement!


Dsquared2 Womens Shoes & Boots Collections - What Are The Essential Dsquared 2 Womens Shoes?


DSquared Women's Shoes

This years shoe trends from DSquared are perfect, and it's a perfect time to make sure you have every basic type of shoe you need. Do you know that according to DSquared and other fashion experts you need ten pairs of shoes. So head over to your closet and if your missing a few of those ten pair then this is the perfect time to get them.

The Right DSquared Womens Shoes

The following is a list of ten basic shoes you need:

1. Classic black sophisticated low heel pumps -Every woman needs to have at least one pair of low heel pumps to go with that classic black outfit. Dsquared has the perfect traditional shoes and has some very elegant low-heeled black shoes.

2. Need something a bit dressier and a little more elegant? Then you need a higher black shoe, maybe with a little shine. Some of the new trendier Dsquared open toed heels are great for this.

3. Metallic finish - metallics are all the rage this year, and the perfect metallic finish goes with that perfect evening dress.

4. Boots - Gladiator boots are all the rage this year, and will add a great sense of style to your wardrobe.

5. Flats - Designers have brought back the ballet flats, with great floral designs, try a pair in the bright summer colors, orange, pink and even white.

6. A comfortable walking shoe - another important addition is a comfortable walking shoe, but add a little hint of fashion with the new combination of materials from Dsquared.

Who is Dsquared?

Dsquared, the fashion label was created by two brothers. These Canadians moved to Milan in the early 90's to be closer to the real fashion houses. In 1995 they started their first men's collection, but in the early 2000's they expanded into women's fashions.

These two Canadians really have it cooking, because in 2001 they designed a lot of Madonna's fashion outfits and were also featured on Americas next top model.

The two Canadian brothers Dean and Dan Catenacci were born in the early 60's and were the youngest of nine children. Their father was a welder and their mother of English birth abandoned them when they were just 6 months old. After high school they got into Parsons School of Design for a summer program, and that's when they decided to become designers. After finishing school they returned to Canada and worked for 6 years for Ports International. Afterwards they moved to Milan but couldn't get hired as designers, so they became party hosts, and got to know a lot of influential people. Again in the mid nineties they started their own collection.

Celebrities Who Wear Squared Shoes

Arguably the most famous celebrity that loves Dsquared is Madonna. In fact she loved them so much that thanks to her they acquired their fame. In fact they created most of her wardrobe for the 2001 Drowned World tour, and one of her music videos from the album. Other celebs that are fascinated by DSquared Womens Shoes are hip-hop singer Eve.

DSquared is known for their unique fashion sense and for their extravagant runway shows. All of their shows are themed based and have included the "homelessness", "the men's locker room" and "the equestrian show" among others.


Chanel Women's Shoes - What Are The Latest Must Have Styles Of Chanel Womens Shoes & Heels?


Chanel Footwear

A woman´s first love are her shoes! They mold to fit her, and don´t talk back. What more could you ask for? They are better than your guy! Shoes show off your style, your personality, and are your visible signature, they are you! Among some of the most loved women’s shoes are Chanel. This designer collection is the epitome of style, elegance, and class.

Chanel Shoes

The Chanel line is beautiful, traditional and elegant. The Chanel shoe collection is comfortable, elegant, chic and one of the highest status symbols around. Although this year’s popular colors tend to be yellow, orange, and pink, Chanel has not gone all out on the trend, but kept their classic style with neutral colors. They have managed to keep up with this years new shoe trends by going white (another “IN” color this year).

Another new trend on the Chanel runway, just as on other runways is the use of "DUAL." By dual we mean mixing of fabrics, materials, colors and patterns. Although Chanel has followed this new trend, they always, always remain classic in style and use all leather materials. The Chanel shoe usually comes with black leather insole. Chanel believes that the black interior gives the shoe a better silhouette.

A great look, which hasn’t been around for some time, is a woven look with an organic earthy look, which is very attractive for the summer months.

Metallics are also in style and are an excellent choice when you need that just right touch for that cute evening look. You can find evening heels in metallic colors, as well as the well-loved loafer.

You might want to try some of the new florals. Many of this years dress shoes will have some type of floral embellishment.

Celebrities Who Wear Chanel

Chanel has always been a favorite of the celebrities. Chanel knows how to design shoes and the style fits most celebrity’s look. Among some of the most ardent admirers are Hilary Swank, and Cameron Diaz.

Chanel has always been a hit with celebrities. There’s just something about Chanel’s incredible shoe designs that scream celebrity style and continue to impress celebrities season after season. Some of the most famous celebrities seen wearing Chanel’s renowned designs include Hilary Swank, Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz.

Chanel the Way to Go?

Every woman knows that when you want an elegant classy look then Chanel is the way to go when you need that extra touch of chic, but don’t want to be too crass or too trendy.

The Chanel Story

Today Chanel is among the top fashion designer houses in the world, but in truth Chanel had very humble beginnings. She was born Gabrielle Chanel, way back in 1883. When she was very young her mother passed away, and because her father could not care for her, he gave her up. Chanel grew up in an orphanage in Correze. But much later in 1921 she became well known for her perfume CHANEL #5. Throughout her life she developed women’s clothing, fragrances and accessories including their now famous shoe line.

Chanel became famous and her designs have remained that way ever since. Before she died in 1971, Coco Chanel, had her line well established with just the right Chanel look. And the footwear she also designed was and still is designed with that classic and sophisticated look


Five Reasons High Heels Can Hurt You

Over the years, high heeled shoes continue to be a popular fashion trend. So popular, it is causing some women to surgically alter their feet in order to fit into them. Even without this, there are health risks associated with wearing high heels.

1. A high heeled shoe forces the posture into an unnatural position that significantly stresses the joints. The spine, which in flat shoes is reasonably straight, forms more of an 'S' shape with the chest and lower back pushing forward and the hips pushed back. The height of the heel also changes the amount of weight on the forefoot. A 1-inch heel will increase the pressure by 22%; a 2-inch heel by 57%; and a 3-inch heel by 76%. This increased pressure puts the forefoot at risk for injuries such as stress fractures, bunions, and hammertoes.

2. Knee pain is common when high heels are involved. The heel height causes increased strain on the knee joint and associated tendons. The quadriceps muscle group in the front of the thigh works harder, increasing pressure on the kneecap by up to 26%. This can ultimately increase the incidence of osteoarthritis of the knee and quadriceps tendinitis.

3. When the heel is constantly elevated, the calf muscle and Achilles tendon can contract and shorten. Wearing high heels habitually can result in a woman no longer able to tolerate a flat shoe. On occasion, this can even require surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendon. Most often, however, this will increase the chances of Achilles tendinitis or shin splints. 4. The changes in posture and overall imbalance will lead to instability when walking and a resulting risk of ankle sprains. High heels, especially stilettos, will lead to instability and a major increase in ankle sprains result. An ankle sprain is caused from the twisting of the ankle and results in a tear of the ligaments that connect the foot and leg bones and stabilize the ankle. When the heel is balancing on a narrow stiletto heel, if the heel shifts outward slightly a sudden twist may occur to sprain these ligaments. Swelling, bruising and pain will result. At worst, it is possible for the ankle to fracture, a ligament can pull a piece of bone off, or even a bone in the foot can break due to the pull of a tendon.

5. High heels are enjoyed by most women because they are "cute." They are narrow and are contoured to make the foot look slender. The tight fit of many heels will force the toes to conform to its shape. The added pressure on the toes can exacerbate bunions and hammertoes. The pressure of the shoe itself can cause corns to form. Furthermore. The compression of the metatarsal bones can cause pressure on the nerves that run between them. A Morton's neuroma, which is a growth and inflammation of the nerve, can form due to the pressure. Remember, a shoe is meant to fit the foot, not squeeze it relentlessly.

While the overall percentage of women wearing high heels daily has decreased, the percentage reporting physical problems from wearing them has increased. This is likely due to the newer styles that have been introduced. Some have no choice but to wear the shoes for work, however comfort is a priority. Pain should not be a price for style. Be sure to always wear a shoe that is right for your foot. Of course, if the pain continues, be sure and visit your podiatrist.

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Christian Louboutin Women's Designer Shoes - Are Louboutin Shoes Worth The Expensive Price Tag?


The media makes a lot of its money in people's obsessive interest in the lives of their favorite celebrities. Everyone wants to know what the celebs are wearing so that they can get the same, or at least something approaching the same. Many businesses cash in on this desire by offering replica or knock off designer shoes - the last category is actually illegal because the design houses lose money from knock offs.

There is no doubt that the ever growing cult of celebrity in both the US and here in the UK has led to more people wanting to own designer shoes. Hardly a week goes by without some women's magazine calling for its readers to get shoes like Kylie or like Kate Moss. Nowadays more people are spending their money on Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin women's shoes than ever before, and a growing market has led to a growth in the number of websites offering discount designer shoes.

The wives and girlfriends of world class footballers, or wags as they are known have increased the popularity of designer brands such as Christian Louboutin women's shoes. If you buy discount designer shoes then it is possible to get Christian Louboutin peep toe, Mary Jane heels for around a hundred and thirty pounds - and other Louboutin shoes at an even lower price.

Some dealers are cashing in on the fact that celebrities have brought designer shoes to the attention of the general public and they are selling look alike shoes. Most women however, would prefer to save their money until they can afford a real pair of Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes rather than a pair that just looks like them. If you really want genuine Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes, just like Kylie wears then you should be looking for discount designer shoes.

When you buy women's designer shoes, not only are you getting to wear the same shoes as your favourite celebrity, you are also getting a pair of shoes that will last longer and look better than almost any other shoes you have ever bought. Jimmy Choo shoes are a particular favorite with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, and they can both be seen sporting the latest designs to come from that particular design house - but even with a discount you would need to save for quite a while for Jimmy Choo shoes.

Designers justify the prices they charge for a pair of shoes, which can literally run into thousands of dollars, by pointing to the quality of their goods - as well as the feel good factor that owning a pair of designer shoes can give to a woman. Discount designer shoes, such as those from Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, can be found if you look in the right places. Such discounts often come from a retailer overstocking on some designs, or the fact that the shoes may not be the current season's favourite. Many women are less concerned with having the latest designer shoes as they are with the fact that can actually afford to wear the designer name tag.


Christian Louboutin Shoes

Do you like shoes of excellent quality? Then in any case you choose Christian Louboutin shoes without hesitation. Luxury french shoe designer will propose you any kind of shoes you like to choose. To see your favorite model – look at wide collection of Christian Louboutin fashion shoes and footwear/accessories at our site. Here you find free returns, one day delivery and beautiful packaging, so many other additional options. We underline that christian louboutin ladies shoes you can easy find at our web site suit for you.

What do you know about Christian Louboutin shoes? Christian Louboutin was born in France and now is one of the world’s most known and popular shoe designers. Louboutin’s styled shoes are easy recognized in the world of shoes designers because they have a variety of colour patterns and a rage among women. Trademark of Christian Louboutin lady shoes is red coloured leather soles.

Nowdays his shoes have very strong positions in the world of fashion and have very big fanclub in the world. To understand the success of shoes designer we look at his biography. Christian Louboutin was born in 1963. He started to design shoes in school time in his notebook, and majority of his ideas was used for future Louboutin shoes collections. Nobody can refuse that Chanel’s and Saint Laurent’s fashion schools he attended were of great significance for him.

Christian Louboutin was born in 1963. As a teenager, he started making shoe designs in his school notebooks which formed the basis of his future shoe designs. He also attended Chanel?s and Saint Laurent?s fashion schools. A billboard in Paris which instructed women tourists not to scratch the wooden surface in front of the Museum of Oceanic Art was the inspiration behind Christian Louboutin turning into a shoe designer. Louboutin began his professional career by opening up a boutique shop in Paris. It was the first Christian Louboutin boutique that acquired instant fame. The shoes? designed by Christian range from Georgian to Oriental.

He also makes calf-hugging flat boots and platform-soled shoes. Some of the famous Christian Louboutin shoes are high-heeled jewelled flip-flops, multi metallic leather sling backs and feather T-strap sandals. Christian Louboutin shoes are worn by some of the most glamorous women of the world like Carmen Electra, Naomi Campbell and Ashley Olsen. Christian Louboutin wedding shoes are also very popular in the European market.

Fab Flash: Christian Louboutin Pays Tribute to Barbie
To celebrate her 50th birthday in style next year, Mattel Inc. has enlisted Christian Louboutin to design a special pair of pumps for Barbie. "I guess I always had a little 'girlie side' who liked Barbie," said Louboutin. "Barbie needs to wear great shoes because every girl needs to wear great shoes." The shoes will be made in the renowned Barbie Pantone 219 Pink and will be unveiled at Mattel's runway show during New York Fashion Week in February. Mattel has also enlisted 50 yet-to-be-named designers to create Barbie-inspired outfits for the show. Lucky doll!

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Bridal Shoes: Beautiful Shoes For Your Wedding


Your bridal dress is very important. You will need to choose the best one if you would like to be the most beautiful bride in the world. Everyone will be looking at your when you are walking down the aisle. To this end, you will certainly try to approach a lot of different bridal shops. You will also spend a lot of time on searching for it.

As a matter of fact, your bridal shoes are just as important as the wedding dress. You will be wearing it for the whole day in your wedding. As a result, you should also spend your time to choose your wedding shoes. You will just ruin all your effort on searching for your wedding dress if you do not get a good pair of bridal shoes.

There are various practical issues you need to consider when you are choosing the bridal shoes. The first thing you need to think about is of course comfort. You need to make sure that you will feel comfortable when you are wearing the pair of shoes. Remember, you will be wearing them for the whole day. It can be very painful if you do not feel comfortable when you are wearing the pair of shoes. The size of them is very important. You need to make sure that they will fit the size of your foot. Some brides might want to purchase a pair which is a bit smaller than they need. However, you should never do so since you will certainly have discomfort when you are wearing them.

If it is really possible, try to purchase the pair of shoes two months before your big day. You can wear them for some time before your wedding. You will feel more comfortable on your big day if you can do so. Wearing a brand new pair of shoes is not recommended. You will not be feeling well if you do so.

You may want to order a pair of designer shoes when the style of them is concerned. Yet you have to consider two aspects when you are purchasing them. You will need to first of all think about the price. This is because a pair of designer shoes is usually more expensive. Your wedding dress is another issue you need to think about. The best situation is that you can make sure that they match the style of your gown. This is extremely essential. There is no point to purchase a pair which does not match your wedding dress, no matter how beautiful they are.

One last point is that, you may want to go to shop for the bridal shoes with your best friends. This is because they will be able to give your some good advices when you are making your choice. Yet, it is very important to remember that what your friends give you are only suggestions and advices. You are the bride at the end of the day. You will still be the one who makes the final decision!

Nike Air Force One - Choosing The Right Footwear For Sports

If you have ever partaken in a sporting activity you know the importance of proper footwear. Whether you are an amateur just beginning in a sport or a seasoned veteran supporting your feet with the right sneakers is of the utmost importance. Accordingly if you have ever purchased a quality pair of sports shoes then you know the price tag that comes along with them. While spending a few hundred dollars on one pair of shoes may seem excessive you simply cannot put a price on protecting your feet. The wrong pair of sneakers can lead to unnecessary injury while the right pair can exponentially maximize your performance. With that being said here are a few pieces of information you should take into account when purchasing footwear for sports.

Knowing the exact size and shape of your feet is critical in purchasing the right shoes. If your arch is higher or lower you need to find a shoe that conforms in the appropriate fashion. Alternately there are certain casual sneakers that will conform to feet no matter their size or shape. An example of this type of sneakers is the ever popular Nike Air Force Ones. These sneakers are quite well known for providing support and comfort for all different types of people for different occasions. If you don't choose a sneaker that fits snuggly or conforms to the shape of your feet you will feel discomfort and may be unable to perform at an elite level.

The specific activity that you have in mind is also an important factor to take into consideration when choosing sports footwear. You can find a number of different styles designed specifically for different activities. There are basketball shoes, baseball cleats and track athletic shoes just to name a few. Different activities require different support for your feet and you need to find an appropriate shoe. There are some exemptions from this rule as you will often see people playing full contact street ball wearing Nike Air Force Ones. On the other hand you will see people wearing them out to a dance or a night out at a restaurant. These sneakers have the ability to provide the necessary ankle support for physically demanding activities but are also quite suitable for everyday, casual wear. However a good tip to keep in mind is that running shoes do not work well for sports that require a lot of lateral movement. Running shoes or track shoes are meant simply for forward motion and the do not always provide the support you need to twist, turn and pivot.

Lastly while your budget is obviously important you should always try and put your comfort above the price tag. You simply do not want to save a few dollars in the short term only to have your new pair of sneakers fall apart or your ankle to sprain because you do not have the right support. Buying a quality pair of athletic footwear is one of the best investments you can make if you are an active sports enthusiast. This is one reason that Nike Air Force Ones have become so popular. They are not overly priced and can easily be found in any store yet they provide a great amount of comfort and support for the soles and arches of your feet.

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Suggestions For Choosing Dyeable Shoes

If you want your shoes to match your dress, dyeable shoes are one option. Dyeable shoes are made of fabric that can be dyed after the shoes are made. That fabric is usually satin or crepe that has been treated so that it accepts dye more easily. If you are planning on wearing dyeable shoes for your wedding or special event, though, there are some things you should know. Here are some suggestions to help you choose and buy dyeable shoes.

Choose the right fabric to get the right color for your dyeable shoes

Colors look different on different kinds of fabric. Since it is very unlikely that your shoes will be made of the exact same fabric as your dress, even the best dyer will not be able to make an exact match for the color of your dress. However, choosing the right kind of fabric for your shoes can make it far easier to match your color more closely. If your dress is made from satin or another shiny fabric, choose satin shoes, which will have the same reflective quality as the color of the dress. If your dress is made from a matte fabric, choose shoes made from crepe or another non-shiny fabric. That will ensure that your shoes absorb more light than they reflect, resulting in a color that is closer to the color of your dress.

Order your shoes early if you plan to have them dyed

It can take between 8-14 days to get your shoes back from a dyer, so be sure that you order or buy them well in advance of your big date. If you are buying your shoes online, take shipping time into account and be sure to build in time for a return if the shoes do not fit properly. Since you will want to have your shoes ready to wear for the final fittings on your dress, you should have them ordered at least three months before the special day.

Bring a swatch of dress fabric

Be sure to take a swatch of the exact dress fabric with you when you bring your shoes to be dyed so that your shoe dyer has a good sized sample for comparison. Don’t rely on memory to help you choose the right color for your shoes. Ask your dressmaker for a fabric swatch that you can take with you to a shoe shop when having your shoes dyed to match your gown.

Remember that colors look different in different light

Make sure that you check the shoe color match under the right light. Natural and artificial light have completely different effects on color. This might not matter in some things, but if you are trying to get an exact match in color for your shoes, you will want to see the color of your shoes and dress under the same kind of light that you will be wearing them under. In other words, if your wedding will be held outdoors, make sure that you see your shoes and dress in natural outdoor lighting. If it will be indoors, check the color out under the same kind of lights as the lights at your wedding venue.

Minimize slight color differenced between shoes and dress by picking the right style of shoe.

Choose shoes with embellishments or with little fabric to dye in order to minimize the impact of any color differences between your dress and your shoes. Color differences will be far less obvious if you choose a high heeled strappy sandal with rhinestone trim than they would be if you were wearing pumps or slides with far more colored surface area.

Be sure to apply a waterproofing coating to your shoes before wearing them

Dyed shoes are not weatherproof. They may run or stain if the weather does not cooperate. To reduce the chance that your shoes will run if it rains, apply a coat of water repellant, but don’t expect them to be completely waterproof. If your shoes get wet, reapply the water repellant.

If you are dyeing shoes, choose a shoe that is ecru or “bridal white” for dyeing

Bright white shoes have a blue undertone that can add a hint of blue to your dyed color, turning gold to green under some lights. Many shoe manufacturers combat this by making dyeable shoes in a warmer white that takes dye more truly. If you can’t get the right white, there are products on the market that will tone down the white before dyeing.

Choose factory-dyed shoes that are matched to your dress color

If you order your dress and shoes from the same bridal salon, you may get a match that is as close to an exact color match as humanly possible. That’s because the color dyes are created to match colors that are being used in the bridal and prom fashion industry that season. It’s an easy way to get shoes that match your dress without going through the hassle of having them dyed yourself.

By: suzannebradley23

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4 Types Of Medical Shoes For Use As Chef Shoes


Chef shoes are a special type of footwear designed to prevent slippage while adding fashion and style to the complete ensemble. This makes medical shoes an ideal addition to the professional back of the house professional needing the best in slippage resistance simply because medical footwear is designed to stop slippage and offer that extra bit of support only found in this industry. There are numerous types of these shoes, boots, or other types of footwear perfect for your needs.

You will discover that when you go looking for medical or healthcare footwear, you will find your own chef shoes just waiting for you in a stylish design you will adore. There are clogs, loafers, and many other types of footwear to choose from. Each style is going to offer the support you need when standing on your feet for extended periods of time. The ankle support, the sole support, and so much more will provide you with an exceptionally classy design and style needed for your exacting needs.

Here are examples of what you may find when looking for medical footwear that easily converts to the expert chef shoes you need.

There are Band’em athletic medical shoes that make a great addition to the chef’s profession. These are like any other popular design in athletic footwear except they have superior support and are built to last. These have 5 stripes stitched-on the side for a perfect look and feel you will appreciate. These come in the sizes you need while providing the support you will appreciate with one, low price tag.

Then there are the anywhere injected unisex clogs. Super easy to wear, easy to purchase, and with the copious number of colors; easy to coordinate with your choice of ensembles. These are heavy duty unisex clogs ideal for any gender, and the anatomically correct foot beds provides added support and comfort. There is even a swiveling strap that fits over the foot or behind the foot as you decide is most beneficial to you.

If you happen to be looking for something even better, take a look at this Babette style. If you have yet to meet this extraordinary piece of footwear, you have no idea what you have been missing. This saucy mary jane is absolutely stunning made of the best leather, two matching straps over the foot, and a slight heel for added looks and style without missing out on the needed support. These make superb chef shoes for the woman who demands even more from her work wear.

Then there is the Roxy. You will never forget this awesome design. Made of the finest leather, this has the wrap around ankle guard with strap closure and open sole design you will find perfect for your lifestyle. Try this sexy design on for maximum results no matter your need. Perfect for those in the back of the house or the front of the house depending on your exact need. The superiorly designed piece of footwear has the support for your lifestyle where you need it the most. Roxy has it going on!


Cowboy Boots Are For Everyone!

If you have ever thought that you might like to spice things up with a little more western style in your wardrobe, then you've chosen a stylish path that will ultimately be a lot of fun. Western apparel is timeless in many regards- if you reference trend-setting Hollywood, it has been in style since the 1920's and hasn't yet gone out of style once, although you'll certainly find several permutations of the style over the course of the years. Instead of feeling as if you are playing dress up when you add more western wear to your wardrobe, you want to feel like you're accessorizing. Sure, a great full-on cowboy outfit might be fun for parties, but if you can't incorporate the items into the rest of your style, then you're not really bringing anything new to your life and your daily fashion routine.

So, how to start? Well, you might start with a pair of cowboy boots. You'll see cowboy boots on the feet of everyone from real-life cowboys working a ranch or doing the rodeo circuit, to a fashion model on the runway in Venice. Most people will appreciate a finely crafted pair of cowboy boots without necessarily making the jump to thinking about other aspects of western apparel. Of course, if they are western wear aficionados themselves, that's a different story-- and you might have just found a new friend in fashion! You can pair cowboy boots with just about anything- jeans, skirts, dresses, business suits, etc. They are surprisingly versatile and because of how many makers and styles there are, you can find boots that express your personality, whether you do that with snakeskin or large pink butterfly inlays.

Other western items, such as pearl snap shirts, cowboy hats, and belt buckles also blend well with a wide variety of other styles and of course, the more western you want to go, the more of these items you wear at the same time. Many of today's adult males have a history of western wear, even if they don't consciously know it. After all, growing up with western heroes surely inspired a good many young boys to don their best and head out into the backyard to play a little game of cowboys (or perhaps cowboys and Indians, complete with their best friend tied to a tree). Growing up doesn't mean you have to outgrow your favorites, you just have to buy them in a size and style that suits your adult self.

By: David Tang

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Baby Wants - But Maybe Doesn’t Need -- New Shoes! (Or “The Psychology Of New Shoes”)


No woman in her right mind would turn down a chance to go shopping for new shoes. Whether she has 1 pair or a 100, the lure of shopping for shoes is over powering. There just is no question about it, shoes are FUN! That is not to even mention the infinite outfit combinations we have even more FUN putting together as a result of new shoes! Shoes must both look right and feel right for the occasion. Therefore, options are needed and the more you have, the absolute better.

Styles change and so do women’s tastes. Whether high heels or platforms, square, rounded or pointed toes, flip flops or athletic, the lure of shopping for shoes is irresistible. There are just so many kinds of shoes all serving different purposes. Hours are spent in shoe departments all over the world shopping for shoes. From $5 flip flops to $500 designer name shoes there are so many things to consider. One thing is generally certain: If a woman REALLY likes a pair of shoes, whether she needs them or not, she will most likely buy them, regardless of price.

I know a couple and the wife has hundreds of pairs of shoes. The husband has but two pair, one black and one brown. BORING and oh, so WAY not enough options. What about style? And does he have dress shoes or are these two pair of the athletic variety or what? That, of course, does not include his golf shoes. Most men have at least two of those if they are like my Father and Brother, both avid golfers. Any way, he said “That’s all I need and I always have plenty of money to go golfing every weekend.” She said “You take the golfing (and your boring shoes) and I will take all the therapeutic effects of the shopping. It also is such good exercise, both mentally and physically!”

Being practical about buying shoes is so out dated.. The more shoes, the more choices. Life is good if it is all about choices, not about being practical. Practicality was for my mother, and the days of practical shopping are gone forever. Now plastic rules (along with beautiful shoes) and somehow the credit card bill will get paid. I mean if we only live once, we should certainly be spending like it. Life is way too short to not have the cutest and best shoes possible. We can find other ways to be thrifty but please do not be so when it comes to shoes. The days of the “have mores” are here to rule and the days of the “have nots” (shoes, that is) are long gone forever.

Another couple I know try to go shopping together (BIG mistake). Inevitably and much to her husband’s dismay and irritation, the wife ends up in the shoe department trying on shoes, one pair after another. A beautiful thing to see, right? She finds a pair she likes and says to her husband “I want these shoes!” Her husband replies “Do you need them?” She says “No, but they will go great with my pink dress that I bought six months ago and have never worn because I have never had just the perfect shoes to go with it. Besides, I did put back several pair that I also liked very much, but not quite as much as these. They are so ‘choice’, ‘sweet’ and absolutely the ‘most divine’ shoes I have, to date, ever seen!!!” The husband gives in, all the while thinking about the bills that are coming due.

Let a woman give you husbands a few tips about shopping:

1 -- It’s a losing battle.

2 -- Don’t go shopping with your wife – It ruins her shopping trip. Would you want us to go golfing with you? I didn’t think so. It would ruin your day.

3 -- When your wife goes shopping –Expect a marathon and don’t expect her home before the stores close—should she arrive home early it will be a pleasant surprise. If she doesn’t--Fix your own dinner!

4 -- Never call her on her cell phone and ask “Where are you?” or “When are you going be home?” Big “NO NO” and grave interruption to her “therapy”. She does not want to be in touch with reality while shopping. Trust me on this one.

Girls—Enjoy a most pleasant shopping experience! Happy shopping! Husbands—Heed my warnings and all will be well! AND--Happy golfing or whatever other pastime compensates for your serious lack of options!


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