Shoes For Skateboarding - Shred The Half-Pipe, Not The Sole

When looking around for new shoes for skateboarding, one has a few things to consider. After all, no one wants to have his or her shoes falling apart on the first day. Of course, fit and comfort are particularly important metrics to judge shoes by. Nevertheless, there are various idiosyncrasies that come with different brands of skate shoes.

Etnies is one of the more famous brands, and they have a great line of girl's shoes for skateboarding. These shoes are sometimes criticized for their laces, but each brand has their own quirks to work around. Etnies are relatively long lasting shoes, and this may very well be their strongest point. Both Etnies and Etnies Girl are part of the Sole Technology group, who are quite active in biomechanical skate shoe research.

However, all people eventually destroy their skate shoes. This is inevitable, whether they're Etnies or any other brand. When this happens, a special type of rubber cement called shoe Goo can help to repair them. In fact, it might be very useful as preventative medicine against damage caused by the abrasive surface of grip tape.

This is especially true for discount brand buyers, like those who wore the Mike McGill endorsed brand Air Speed. Beyond products such as this, many skaters have turned towards duct tape in a pinch. When comparing different products, look for durability options like toe cap plastic and action leather.

DC Shoe Company is sometimes criticized as having become too much of a mainstream brand, but they still produce high quality shoes for skateboarding. For those that want to shred in less than ideal conditions, the H2Zero line shoes are treated to make them more waterproof. Moreover, they come with extra tread that provides great grip. This can translate into more control when things get a little wet.

Osiris is pretty well known for their private reserve line of shoes. These are very often re-releases of their most popular models. Private reserve shoes feature better construction and materials than the models that they are derived from. Some people might also like the fact that these come with art on the insole. They're also known for making some of the best puffy-style shoes in the business. Interestingly enough, Osiris was founded to fulfill a void of pro designed shoes in the industry.

Globe came from the land down under, and brought some interesting concepts with them. The Vagrant may have one of those worn-in looks straight out of the box. However, it holds up with the best of them. The Globe Vagrant also comes in a version endorsed by Canadian pro skater Mark Appleyard.

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