Red Chief Brand Is Famous for Leather Shoes

Red Chief is a leading footwear company which is famous for making leather shoes for men. Red Chief brand is owned by RSPL Group and marketed by Leayan Pvt. Ltd in India. The company has its own five leather and footwear manufacturing plant. The company was founded in the year 1995 and it launched the Red Chief Brand in the year 1997. At present, this company has more than 1800 employees and a turnover of more than 150 crore rupees for the last to last fanatical year. In the year 1997, the company introduced a wide range of Red Chief shoes in order to meet the rising demand for branded high quality leather footwear that too at an affordable price.

Since 1995 Red Chief shoes have been a respected name in the leather industry. The idea behind the innovation of the brand has been its commitment for quality, style and excellence. The brand ensures supply of rich quality material from its tannery to provide a high standard for its footwear. The company makes different styles of leather shoes for men that are meant for different occasions, events, and purposes. The brand offers casual footwear for outing and informal occasions, formal shoes for the official meetings, sandals for comfort while brisk walking, slippers, and many other styles of shoes. The product portfolio of this brand includes > Slippers, Loafers, Sandals, dress shoes, Moccasins, Sneakers, Boots, Powerflex, Chappals, and more. The company also offers footwear accessories such as, belts, footwear spray and polish for the maintenance of the leather shoes.

The company has a team of highly skilled and people in all the departments and is equipped with high-tech machines that help in providing high-quality leather footwear. Red Chief shoes are available in various shades such as black, rust, g-yellow, brown, dark brown, tan, mash, new mushroom, beige, oily rust, and many others. These leather shoes are available in many sizes, from size 6 to size 10. One can get the shoes with lace and without lace styles. The footwear range starts from rupees 1000 and ends at rupees 3000. This brand belts are also available in various shades, styles and sizes, from size 36 to size 46. The belt range starts from to rupees 100 to rupees 800.

The company also has a loyalty program in which it offers 5 percent extra discount for all the loyal customers. The brand has categorized the footwear in different sections on the basis of style and occasion. Like any other top brand, even this leading footwear brand is available at a number of online stores. The brand is famous around the nation and has its own online store. From the comfort of home, anyone can get a classy and stylish pair of Red Chief shoes, just with a few simple clicks.


Choosing the Right Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are perhaps one of the most vital mountain biking gears. In addition to offering strong feet and ankle support, these are important to enhance your riding performance. While selecting your mountain bike shoes, it is important to choose them keeping in mind how you are going to use them. The shoes required while cross country biking will be very different from the shoes used during downhill. Before you buy your mountain bike shoes, you need to be clear on certain points, such us

Do you need lightweight comfortable shoes that offer maximum protection? Are you going to wear the shoes only while riding or during walking as well? Do you need clipless pedals?

Once you have answers to the above questions, you will have a clear idea about the kind of
shoes you need. To make the choice easier for you, let us have a look at different types of cycling shoes available:

Downhill shoes:

Downhill shoes are good for those who prefer heavier, durable shoes with strong protection. These shoes have a hard, flat sole with dug-in cleats. The Downhill mountain bike shoes are a good choice for outdoor activities. For many riders one of the possible disadvantages that Downhill shoes have as compared to other models is its weight. However, there are also certain lightweight versions of shoes available that includes a mesh upper with leather paneling and simple strap closures to make it lighter without compromising much on the protection.

Racing Cleats:

Ideal for cross-country riding and performance racing, the racing cleats are designed specifically for biking. The shoes are lightweight with hard plastic sole and firm upper shell. They feature either Velcro straps to fasten shoe or hook-and-loop closures. These shoes are made from high-quality materials like rubber compounds and carbon polymers and therefore they are usually expensive as compare to other form of
mountain bike shoes. These shoes are not suitable for walking and meant only for biking and for those looking for strong ankle support.

Flat sole:

Flat sole
shoes are a good choice for people who are looking for many other activates in addition to biking. These shoes have flat soles and are not fitted with cleat plates. If you are going for mountain ride where pedal traction is important, you can find several varieties of mountain bike shoes that are designed with sticky rubber soles used in rock climbing shoes.So, now you can list your set of requirements and can easily judge which shoes suits your style of riding the most and offer the ankle support you need.


Zumba Shoes - How To Select A Good Pair

Highly influenced by Latin culture, the Zumba was founded in Columbia by a fitness instructor. He took the steps from meringue and salsa, modified them, combined them and created a whole new dance spontaneously to the beat of Latin music.

The Zumba was then taken over to the United States of America where it was nurtured and transformed into a great popular workout that has become the interest of many. To do the Zumba the right way, you need the proper shoes. So here are some simple tips on how to pick the right pair of shoes for your
Zumba workout.

Before anything else, you should know that you should stay away from all sports shoes, the basic running shoes included. They're great for the gym and other forms of workout but a big no-no when it comes to dance.

This is so because they're solid, tough and has firm soles which can cause great injury since Zumba is a light and flexible work out that requires much movement. The best of all shoes to use would be cross trainers or shoes made specifically for dancing. Even ballet shoes would work because there are no threads on it.

Your Zumba shoes should be lightweight without any grips whatsoever on the soles. This is because the Zumba has various moves, a lot which requires you to turn, twirl and pivot around and you would need to be able to do this without your feet sticking on the floor. They should be able to bend comfortably with your feet so as to not cause injury.

Besides that, when picking out a pair of shoes for Zumba, you need to pay attention to the type of soles in the shoe. It's important that you pick a pair that has got shock absorbing soles to cushion your feet as you jump and bounce around. You want your shoes to take the fall, not your feet.

Besides that, for added comfort and protection you can also buy a gel insole to insert into your shoe. The gel insole can be bought from any fitness shop, pharmacy or shoe shop. It's affordable and gives you that extra comfort which is very important if you plan on dancing away for a long time.

When shopping for your pair of shoes, don't walk into the first store and grab the first thing that fits. You should check out various stores and compare quality, prices, type, flexibility and so on. Try on various shoes and walk in them for a little bit to see what they feel like. You need to be comfortable in your shoes.

As you go hunting for your shoes, be sure to wear a good pair of socks not only for hygiene purposes but also so that you'd be able to tell how well the shoe fits with your socks. If you find a good pair that you like, don't just stop at one pair but buy two instead. This will give you the chance to alternate between the two pairs so that they will break in at the same time and the less usage will allow it to last longer.


Women Love Ladies Shoes But Why?

The sales of the majority of consumer products have decreased during the recession and many businesses are restructuring and downscaling operations as much as possible to survive plummeting demand as people choose carefully what to spend hard earned money on but surprisingly sales of footwear have actually increased compared to the previous years sales figures. Sales of footwear and specifically ladies shoes are actually increasing.

One possible explanation for the increase specifically in the sales of women's shoes can be explained by the feel good factor associated with purchasing a new pair of shoes, incidentally the sales of chocolate have held steady too. It seems that the current economic climate almost demands that we treat ourselves occasionally and find a little happiness and pure escapism from the endless news reports about redundancies and closures and the increasing number of unemployed each month.

It is a cliché but the vast majority of women do love shoes. It is almost hardwired into their brains to release a serious dose of the feel good factor every time they purchase a new pair of those must have shoes, buying shoes or a big bar of chocolate can be a serious mood booster. Martin Lindstorm is a Fortune 100 branding expert and author of a book offering some possible explanations. In his book, Buyology; Truth and Lies About Why we Buy Lindstorm explains that a neurotransmitter called Dopamine could be responsible for the love of shoes and steady sales even in a recession. First of all what is a neurotransmitter? They are the chemicals that allow the signals to be transmitted from neurons across synapses if that clarifies matters any.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and helps to regulate the pleasure and reward centres of the human brain. Dopamine aids regulation of both our movement and our emotional responses. Starting to see the link? Buying those must have shoes must stimulate a nice big dose and initiate some serious pleasure and reward in the mind. Dopamine enables us to perceive rewards and to actively take measures to move towards the gratification. If it means just getting your credit card out of your handbag it is beginning to make sense and explain one of the great mysteries eluding modern man. Why do women love shoes? They cannot help it and are irresistibly drawn like a moth to the light to the sheer joy and sensation of buying and owning a new pair of ladies shoes and the subsequent release of pleasure centres in the mind.

Does the high last? Probably only until the monthly credit card bill drops through the letterbox however purchasing shoes can often be rationalised as something practical.

It's not just about the Dopamine though, buying shoes is also purported to stimulate the collecting spot, an area of the human brain's prefrontal cortex. Lindstorm explains that shoes can be perceived as something valid to collect. Just think of Imelda Marcos and her shoe collection. Shoes are stored carefully and with consideration on special racks and shelves just like other collectors display and carefully catalogue their prize collections of items. Like other collectors, women who amass collections of footwear will often admire the aesthetic beauty of each shoe like it a piece of art such as a sculpture and offer it prize of place in a collection.

I hope this brief article offers some possible explanations as to why some women are seemingly irrational when it comes to the subject of shoes but a friend of mine also recently shared his own personal theory with me concerning the relationship of women and shoes. He said that women can be categorised into three types concerning shoes. There are the women who have a true love for shoes, there are the women who perpetuate the myth of women loving shoes because they believe they should love shoes and there are the women who are practical and would not contemplate spending a whole month's salary on a designer pair of shoes when they could buy ten pairs instead.


Bridal Shoes That Match Your Style

You will probably spend many days or even weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress. Then you will need accessories to accent your wedding attire. Even if you choose a full-length wedding gown for your special day, selecting the right shoes is also very important. Your bridal shoes will affect the way you feel and look throughout your event, especially since you will spend most of your wedding day on your feet.

Important Shoe Tips For All Day Comfort

Make sure to use the help of a salesperson when shopping for bridal shoes. Ask him/her to measure both of your feet, since one may be larger than the other. Be sure the shoes comfortably fit your larger foot.

Choose a heel that is comfortable for dancing at your wedding venue. Narrow heels provide less support than a thicker heels.

Consider a flat instead of a heel for a beach weddings and definitely stay away from stilettos if you are on grass.

Shoes may fit differently at various times of the day. Sometimes feet can swell as the day progresses, so make sure to shop for shoes late in the day.

Try on shoes with the same hosiery you plan on wearing at your wedding. This will ensure that the shoe will fit the same way on your special day.

Important Shoe Tips For Appearance

If you are close to your groom in height, consider whether you want a heel, that will ensure you are the same size or shorter than your groom when taking your wedding photographs.

Dyed shoe colors can look different shades depending on the light. View the color under the lighting at your wedding venue before dyeing your shoes. This helps you choose a color that will complement your dress the best.

Bring a swatch of fabric from your dress when you shop. Shoe fabrics and dress fabrics vary, so make sure that the fabric of the shoes will accent your dress well.

Once you decide on the shade of your dye, ask whether the dye will appear lighter or darker on the shoes.

Choose a shoe that complements your dress. A simple shoe will accent an ornate dress and a simple dress may look best with a more decorative shoe.

Take the time to shop carefully for the perfect wedding shoes. The right shoes will ensure you feel comfortable while you enjoy your day as a bride.

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Shoes For Skateboarding - Shred The Half-Pipe, Not The Sole

When looking around for new shoes for skateboarding, one has a few things to consider. After all, no one wants to have his or her shoes falling apart on the first day. Of course, fit and comfort are particularly important metrics to judge shoes by. Nevertheless, there are various idiosyncrasies that come with different brands of skate shoes.

Etnies is one of the more famous brands, and they have a great line of girl's shoes for skateboarding. These shoes are sometimes criticized for their laces, but each brand has their own quirks to work around. Etnies are relatively long lasting shoes, and this may very well be their strongest point. Both Etnies and Etnies Girl are part of the Sole Technology group, who are quite active in biomechanical skate shoe research.

However, all people eventually destroy their skate shoes. This is inevitable, whether they're Etnies or any other brand. When this happens, a special type of rubber cement called shoe Goo can help to repair them. In fact, it might be very useful as preventative medicine against damage caused by the abrasive surface of grip tape.

This is especially true for discount brand buyers, like those who wore the Mike McGill endorsed brand Air Speed. Beyond products such as this, many skaters have turned towards duct tape in a pinch. When comparing different products, look for durability options like toe cap plastic and action leather.

DC Shoe Company is sometimes criticized as having become too much of a mainstream brand, but they still produce high quality shoes for skateboarding. For those that want to shred in less than ideal conditions, the H2Zero line shoes are treated to make them more waterproof. Moreover, they come with extra tread that provides great grip. This can translate into more control when things get a little wet.

Osiris is pretty well known for their private reserve line of shoes. These are very often re-releases of their most popular models. Private reserve shoes feature better construction and materials than the models that they are derived from. Some people might also like the fact that these come with art on the insole. They're also known for making some of the best puffy-style shoes in the business. Interestingly enough, Osiris was founded to fulfill a void of pro designed shoes in the industry.

Globe came from the land down under, and brought some interesting concepts with them. The Vagrant may have one of those worn-in looks straight out of the box. However, it holds up with the best of them. The Globe Vagrant also comes in a version endorsed by Canadian pro skater Mark Appleyard.


Pole Dancing Shoes: One Of The Greatest Accessories For Pole Fitness

If you are into dancing around a pole for fitness, then one fine choice for footwear will be pole dancing shoes. These types of shoes are very important for dancers who want to be able to pivot and grip the floor when they are spinning and twisting during their routine. The shoes are designed and manufactured with material that allows the shoes to have a strong grip.

Another fine benefit of these shoes is that they provide dancers with good posture when walking or standing, along with the fact that they also can make the dancers look really hot and sexy during their performance. Good posture when standing and dancing around the pole is essential.

The shoe will help a lady with her performance, as the footwear will offer plenty of momentum whenever pivoting as a transition between moves or pivoting at the start of a spin or twist action. Some dancers do not like to wear pole dancing shoes when learning new moves and opt to wear trainers or bare feet. But when performing a routine in a show or competition pole dancing shoes are beneficial.

Pole dancing shoes are worn by strippers in gentleman's clubs and by those participating in pole fitness. pole dancing is being accepted and used by so many women who are taking part in their pole fitness programs.

Pole dancers require a lot of strength and those that participate and those that use this dance for the purpose of staying fit find that it is brilliant for toning up the entire body. The moves require you to lift your body weight with just your arms, use your arms to lift your lower body overhead, support your body weight on your arms during complex inverted moves. Those that take part achieve a cardiovascular workout when performing routines. 3-4 minutes routines require a lot of energy.

The choice you make in regard to the right type of shoes will affect the back and feet, the routine plus the dance and it will also affect the ladies ability to climb. Lower quality shoes are not a good choice, as you want something of excellent quality so you have the ability to execute the dance in the way that it was intended. Higher quality shoes will last much longer than cheaper brands.

If you are a dancer or take part in a fitness program that incorporates this type of dance for exercising, then you will want to use pole dancing shoes as your main choice of footwear. When practising you may opt to wear trainers but when you have perfected a move or during a performance you will want to wear pole dance shoes.


Women's Golf Shoes Have Increased In Popularity

A few decades ago very few manufacturers paid any attention at all to women's golf shoes. The ones that did often produced shoes that were considered quite ugly, and therefore didn't generate a lot of sales. This was probably due to the fact that most manufacturers concentrated exclusively on selling golf shoes for men. The women's market wasn't seen as very profitable, so few manufacturers really paid it much attention. However, with the current popularity of golf among women, this has changed and many shoe companies are now producing durable, comfortable and stylish women's golf shoes.

Nowadays, many famous shoe manufacturers are taking an active role in designing such shoes for women. The quality of these shoes is just as high as the men's line - probably even more so, as more women tend to pay attention to this. This has led to the creation of shoe departments and whole stores that specifically cater to the female market. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in the sales of these shoes compared to those of earlier days.

The other special consideration that has been made in the manufacture and design of women's shoes is the foot size. Generally, women's feet are smaller and narrower as compared to men. This means that the designers had to cater to the smaller and narrower feet of their women clientele. However, this does not mean that there are no shoes for women with wider feet.

For the women's shoes, they had to replace the metallic spikes with rubber nubs. In fact, they started doing that on the men's shoes as well. The rubber (and sometimes plastic) nubs are advantageous over the metal ones since they do less harm on the field and the grass as compared to metallic spikes. Many women who have used both metallic spikes and the rubber and plastic nubs believe that the rubber and plastic nubs feel more comfortable.

Style has also been an important element of women's golf shoes. These shoes come in an array of designs and colors to choose from. On the other hand, they are made from different materials, ranging from the expensive leather shoes to low cost plastic ones.

The other good thing about golf shoes for women is that they are quite affordable. This is good news considering the amount of technology that has been put into the design and manufacturing process. If you are looking for a pair of women's golf shoes but you are not sure of the exact type that you want, you can visit a good online store, where you can browse a large selection and choose an appropriate pair for yourself.

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