Zumba Shoes - How To Select A Good Pair

Highly influenced by Latin culture, the Zumba was founded in Columbia by a fitness instructor. He took the steps from meringue and salsa, modified them, combined them and created a whole new dance spontaneously to the beat of Latin music.

The Zumba was then taken over to the United States of America where it was nurtured and transformed into a great popular workout that has become the interest of many. To do the Zumba the right way, you need the proper shoes. So here are some simple tips on how to pick the right pair of shoes for your
Zumba workout.

Before anything else, you should know that you should stay away from all sports shoes, the basic running shoes included. They're great for the gym and other forms of workout but a big no-no when it comes to dance.

This is so because they're solid, tough and has firm soles which can cause great injury since Zumba is a light and flexible work out that requires much movement. The best of all shoes to use would be cross trainers or shoes made specifically for dancing. Even ballet shoes would work because there are no threads on it.

Your Zumba shoes should be lightweight without any grips whatsoever on the soles. This is because the Zumba has various moves, a lot which requires you to turn, twirl and pivot around and you would need to be able to do this without your feet sticking on the floor. They should be able to bend comfortably with your feet so as to not cause injury.

Besides that, when picking out a pair of shoes for Zumba, you need to pay attention to the type of soles in the shoe. It's important that you pick a pair that has got shock absorbing soles to cushion your feet as you jump and bounce around. You want your shoes to take the fall, not your feet.

Besides that, for added comfort and protection you can also buy a gel insole to insert into your shoe. The gel insole can be bought from any fitness shop, pharmacy or shoe shop. It's affordable and gives you that extra comfort which is very important if you plan on dancing away for a long time.

When shopping for your pair of shoes, don't walk into the first store and grab the first thing that fits. You should check out various stores and compare quality, prices, type, flexibility and so on. Try on various shoes and walk in them for a little bit to see what they feel like. You need to be comfortable in your shoes.

As you go hunting for your shoes, be sure to wear a good pair of socks not only for hygiene purposes but also so that you'd be able to tell how well the shoe fits with your socks. If you find a good pair that you like, don't just stop at one pair but buy two instead. This will give you the chance to alternate between the two pairs so that they will break in at the same time and the less usage will allow it to last longer.

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