Practical Reasons to Wear Sexy Shoes

Sexy shoes are adored the world over by men and women alike. There are reasons for this fascination with sexy shoes.

Sexy shoes are not particularly comfortable. They are certainly not practical for walking in and they don't make your feet feel good at the end of the day.

Then why is it that they are so popular? Sexy shoes are popular for reasons that outweigh the obvious drawbacks.

To start with, sexy shoes make you look and feel sexy. They do this by enabling you to feel more confident in the way you look.

Sexy shoes almost always are a variety of high heel shoes. This extra height helps you to stand higher and garner extra attention.

When you wear sexy shoes, they will literally alter the way that you stand. They will force your breasts outward while forcing your derrière outward as well. This is quite an obvious advantage as breasts and buttocks are prime sexual attractors.

Some sexy shoe enthusiasts claim that sexy high heel shoes make your feet appear a size smaller that normal. This is a good thing as large feet are not generally known to be sexy.

Finally, wearing sexy shoes will help make your legs look longer and thinner which is visually appealing.

Sexy shoes may be uncomfortable and impractical, but they definitely help you look and feel sexy.

Whether it's red, pink black or yellow, with three-inch heels or 6-inch heels, sexy shoes will get you the results you desire.

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