Simple Shoes: Contribute Towards Mother Nature

Eric Meyer is the man behind Simple Shoes. During his days in UCSB in the late 80's and early 90's, bored of the over-hyped, over-marketed and over-teched sneakers, Eric suddenly felt the need to create something more simple than the rest for day to day life. And this way he worked out with the idea of Simple Shoes. Simple Shoe started its maiden voyage in the year 1991 catching the finger of the Mother Nature and till date has not left her hands! Simple Shoes are complete darling for those who own it as well for those who lay their eyes upon it!

A journey to the manufacturing process of Simple Shoes

Simple Shoes can also be nicknamed as bamboo, jute, and cotton, silk…. Sounds strange? Ok fine, let me explain in an easier way. Simple- as the name suggests, is made up of all nature friendly ingredients. All the above enlisted ingredients are used in part or full in making Simple Shoes. From top to bottom Simple Shoes are made up of astonishingly recyclable goods as used in tyres, plastic bottles, hemp, coconut, cork, bamboo etc! Now that you have undergone its matchless ingredient list you must be pondering the fact that how will Simple Shoes look like? Is it going to be a tribal kinda shoe or slipper with bamboo branches sticking out of the shoes, the thick jute rope tying down the parts of plastic bottles that are in return mounted on the used tyre parts that are cut out in shape of shoe sole? Well don’t panic, nothing of the sort is applicable. The striking designs with amazingly captivating colours and the soft and sensuous shoe pads with super strong and flexible yet durable soles make Simple Shoes choice of millions globally.

Where will you find one?

Simple Shoes are craze among young and old. Kids alike fall madly in love with the pair of shoes. These "Simple Shoes" are great choice for all your daily needs and ethnic wears. They are extremely durable and user friendly. There are many online agents who provide you Simple Shoes at your door step once you order online. These agents put up exhaustive list of available colours, designs and sizes of Simple Shoes. And all you have to do is simply place an order via their website and within days you will find yourself running your daily errands wearing those pair of shoes. Searching the net will bring you large number of online agents who will readily cater your order of a pair or more of Simple Shoes.

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