Cowboy Boots Are For Everyone!

If you have ever thought that you might like to spice things up with a little more western style in your wardrobe, then you've chosen a stylish path that will ultimately be a lot of fun. Western apparel is timeless in many regards- if you reference trend-setting Hollywood, it has been in style since the 1920's and hasn't yet gone out of style once, although you'll certainly find several permutations of the style over the course of the years. Instead of feeling as if you are playing dress up when you add more western wear to your wardrobe, you want to feel like you're accessorizing. Sure, a great full-on cowboy outfit might be fun for parties, but if you can't incorporate the items into the rest of your style, then you're not really bringing anything new to your life and your daily fashion routine.

So, how to start? Well, you might start with a pair of cowboy boots. You'll see cowboy boots on the feet of everyone from real-life cowboys working a ranch or doing the rodeo circuit, to a fashion model on the runway in Venice. Most people will appreciate a finely crafted pair of cowboy boots without necessarily making the jump to thinking about other aspects of western apparel. Of course, if they are western wear aficionados themselves, that's a different story-- and you might have just found a new friend in fashion! You can pair cowboy boots with just about anything- jeans, skirts, dresses, business suits, etc. They are surprisingly versatile and because of how many makers and styles there are, you can find boots that express your personality, whether you do that with snakeskin or large pink butterfly inlays.

Other western items, such as pearl snap shirts, cowboy hats, and belt buckles also blend well with a wide variety of other styles and of course, the more western you want to go, the more of these items you wear at the same time. Many of today's adult males have a history of western wear, even if they don't consciously know it. After all, growing up with western heroes surely inspired a good many young boys to don their best and head out into the backyard to play a little game of cowboys (or perhaps cowboys and Indians, complete with their best friend tied to a tree). Growing up doesn't mean you have to outgrow your favorites, you just have to buy them in a size and style that suits your adult self.

By: David Tang

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