Are You Looking For Jordan Fusion Shoes?

Michael Jordan is the epitome of superstars promoting sports gear. He has single handedly opened the door for hundreds of other athletes to follow in his footprints and sign huge endorsement contracts. There were others before him like Joe Namath, Walter Payton, and even John McEnroe to a lesser extent but no one has had the success that Michael has had in promoting the use of his shoes (even Hanes for that matter).

Since he has long since retired we are still seeing the sales of his shoes raise above the other sports stars such as Lebron James, Carmello Anthony, and Stephon Marbury. Michael is the ultimate trendsetter of any basketball star and you will see people wearing shoes with the Air Jordan symbol for many years to come. The great thing about his sports attire is that not only does it bear his name but his shoes are specifically designed to give you more support, comfort, and style when you are on a gym floor. Everything they promise they deliver and it has made him a poster child for athlete marketing.

While he releases more shoes and re-releases older models and fashions they are getting difficult to find and we are left with only one way to acquire them and this is through the Internet. There are thousands of Web sites that will sell anything with his name on it because as we all know, it will most certainly sell. The man has made millions and millions of dollars endorsing Nike products and this is not because they dont sell, just the opposite actually.

There is something about wearing a new pair of Jordans that is like nothing else when it comes to wearing gym shoes. If you are a basketball player you almost believe the old commercials that showed Jordan and Spike Lee with Lee saying Its gotta be the shoes. This was something that made children and adults alike believe in what Nike was doing being in junction with Air Jordan. While he has made some poor personal decision and has issues with gambling it shows that to air is to be human.

If you have fallen out of touch with the latest trends Michael has to offer just jump on the Internet and do a search and see what he has been up too. You know its more than just Hanes commercials with Charlie Sheen. The man has rewritten the way we see, wear, and buy basketball shoes. If you are a fan of the Jordan line than there should be no excuse as to why you are not getting online and seeing just what hes got going on at the moment.

Michael Jordans shoes are expensive, no doubt about it, but they are made in the highest quality and if you have ever owned a pair before you know how durable and how comfortable they truly are. Following trendsetters like Michael Jordan is a piece of cake even with him out of the public eye because we have the amazing resource of the Internet. Even after all these years we still want be like Mike.

By: Ron Milu

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