2011 Christian Louboutin Sues Yves Saint Laurent Over Red Sole Shoes Design

Red is the shining color compared with other colors, and so is the CL. When it comes to the red sole shoes, CL comes to our brain at first. But the obvious logo comes to YSL's shoes which makes Christian Lounboutin very angry so he made a appeal to the court. This is a so manfulvalorous behavior to do such a thing to be CL. However, the red sole still make actress so crazy, they never stop to look for the splash red in the sole.

This big story seems to become from the idea from his assistant who can give the idea to him. And the red sole become the only signboard. This founder can develop his own territory through his own hardwork. Lately, there are owners up to 3000 owning more than 500 pairs pumps even if every one is very expensive. CL only manufactures limited size such as 5~6 size which can be more atrractive to the high class ladiee. It is said that this brand will open its subbranches in Beijing and Shanghai respectively in July and December and it will expand to 5 subbranches in the near 3 years.

Having a pair of Christian Louboutin is the dream of all girls. Sexy Christian Louboutin is vital for all ladies. Specially, for all stylish girls the red sole shoes is the arm to have their own style. The high heel Christian Louboutin shoes give you the beautiful charm of a lady and help you show the slim legs, with them you must be the princess of the party. Do you desire to be the wanderful girl like Serina or Blair? I think the answer is "yes", so you should have a pair of CL.

Do you know how CL come from? Step is precisely because of this, this thing is becoming increasingly popular river. The unique designed concept is different from other. A zipper not only gives a belt look around, but that's such a special idea. None of the women can be without the leather products. Ensure staff do as usual. Long time before we begine the shoes they may like them so much or it should be made simple under a need to be pick out to start the zipper into us. There is a long way to go to get the goal. Although, the zipper has a good-looking, it cannot work as you well as you hope.

In Victoria's mind, gravida also can be OK with high heel shoes. When it needs to use the black clothes to dress up the raised abdomen, the red sole is becoming so shining and commendable. You can see from the early street snapshots of her, Victoria always wore the red sole high heel shoes and become the spokesperson of CL. She told us with the practical action that the real high-profile, not to put herself dressed up like a Christmas tree, but only red with a sole, and enough to make people crazy.

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