Elevator Shoe - Explained

Elevator shoes are also referred to as height increasing shoes and they have successfully replaced platform shoes as a height increasing aid to men. They are no different from any other footwear on the outside. The shoes have a heel on the outside, which is of normal height, and thus it is difficult to discern from any ordinary dress, business or walking shoe.

The shoe has an interesting feature inside of the shoe - a platform that invisibly adds height to the wearer making the shoe wearer look a good three inches taller than he actually is.

Unlike platform shoes, elevator shoes are primarily available for men; however, some manufacturers also make them for women. Men’s shoes are more varied as women of shorter height can easily wear high heeled shoes or platform shoes that are available off the shelf. The elevator shoe can increase the height between 2 - 3 inches in an instant. However, if more height is added chances are that the shoe may look a little abnormal.

The construction of the elevator shoe is different from other normal shoes. The sides of such height increasing shoes are slightly higher to accommodate the insole. There are few manufacturers who provide platform inserts that can be placed inside the shoe, however, a shoe with the insole stitched inside is more comfortable.

Adding a few inches boosts the confidence levels of shorter men and makes them feel better about their looks, as tall men are perceived to be more attractive and successful by society. Contrary to platform shoes height increasing elevator shoes are specialty items and are generally not found in normal shoe stores, however, there are many manufacturers in North America and Europe who specifically manufacture such shoes. Most manufacturers of elevator shoes have a presence on the World Wide Web and it is recommended that you do a thorough research before ordering your pair of elevator shoes.

By: Sonali Guha

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