The Quest For Shoes

Most of us live to buy that perfect pair of shoes that seem to beckon when we walk past that glass window. It can be those athletic tennis shoes with the sleek designs that almost instantly encourage us to get outside and run. Although, we know the most we have ever ran is after our own children. Or perhaps it is those seductive glossy black high heels that husbands are always secretly longing for their wives to wear.

Either way, we are determined that there must be a precise shoe that was made for our feet, similar to Cinderella and her precious glass slipper. Each shoe we own reflects the mood we were in at the time of purchase. Or what we hoped to become once we slipped our feet in. Once in them, by magic we instantly feel taller, and more confident. Venturing to buy a pair, you have usually had two choices when it comes to a shoe purchase. We either need the shoes to match a particular outfit, or we need them for a practical reason.

So, we want our shoes to be works of art or we need them to be comfortable to wear. It’s a tough decision and most of us can’t decide easily. This is the reason most women have a closet full of shoes when it comes to an evening out. Sadly, none seem to fit the occasion or they don’t match the outfit that you intend to wear. It’s not the exact shade of red to match that cocktail dress or those boots are too dull and plain looking. For some reason, they just don’t look how you want them to.

Thus this realization encourages another attempt at finding that perfect pair of shoes. It’s strange that when you need to find a certain pair of shoes you fall in love with a whole new pair. So, instead of coming with what you intended to buy, you now have two new pairs. You have no idea what your second pair of shoes will match in your wardrobe, but you just had to have them. Every person in this lifetime has dealt with this dilemma. Is there a way to help resolve this dilemma? I haven’t heard any answers to this issue yet.

The most important thing to remember is each one of us needs a pair that will make us feel fantastic. It can be whatever your heart fancies, but the shoes should feel like your well-worn favorite pair of jeans.

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