He Got Sole - In His Shoes That Is

Strangely, despite the fact that nowadays men are choosing their fashions more diligently, it is still women we think of when it comes to purchasing a great pair of shoes. Women get excited by shoes; men don't. It's as simple as that. Yet, when men are paying more attention to the rest of their outfit, why should they just be satisfied with that one trusty pair of well-worn trainers?

In this respect men could definitely learn something from their female counterparts. The right pair of shoes not only make or break an outfit, they can speak volumes about the type of man you are. Whether it's for a job interview, date, or social event, get the finishing touches wrong and you're in danger of ruining your whole sense of style.

While you may want to reconsider those Dr Martins, wearing good shoes doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice personal taste in the face of fashion. Finding the right pair to set off your outfit is about keeping true to your unique fashion sense and feeling comfortable what you're wearing. Thankfully, fashion designers have responded to men's demands to bring more footwear choices than ever to the average guy on the street.

With a wealth of on trend styles available, ranging from smart dress shoes to casual pumps and plimsolls, you will have no excuse for getting those accessories down to a tee. Both designers and high street shops are continually updating their lines to reflect the latest trends whilst simultaneously paying homage to those timeless classic looks, so it's worth paying a little attention to what's hot and not in the world of fashion.

Think a pair of Oxfords are confined solely to your grandpa? Wrong. The dress shoe made a massive comeback last year and is set to stay for the foreseeable future. The key to achieve a more contemporary look is not to be afraid to mix and match styles. Sleeker, more sophisticated dress shoes with vintage 1960's twists can be paired with skinny jeans, while brogues are great for a bit of geek chic.

If the thought of abandoning your comfy tennis shoes is too much to bear, you'll be pleased to know that that resurgence of plimsolls and pumps was THE defining feature of men's style in 2009. Look for preppy styles from big names like Puma, Nike and Adidas in a vast array of fabrics and colours for when you just want to kick back and relax.

Tennis shoes will always be timelessly popular for their ease and comfort, but the last few years have seen them come back with a bang. The resurgence of the Oxford style plimsoll was THE defining feature of men's style in 2009 and is set to continue throughout this season. Look out for the vast array of fabrics and colours that will set off any casual style after a hard day in the office.

While shoes may not make a man, they really can define style, confidence and class. With a whole range of designs out there from designer to high street, you really will have to come #Pen Name # is a freelance writer with an interest in fashion and style. This article was inspired by New Look.com which offers style solutions to all your fashion needs.

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