Women's Style - Getting The Right Style Of Footwear This Winter

Winter is almost upon us again and those summer shoes are fast becoming unwearable. So, what styles of women's shoes will be strutting down the catwalk this season? You can't go wrong with aviator-style lace-up boots. They tend to be available in suede or brown leather and come in a popular lace-up style. The interior and trim tends to be finished with a sheepskin fleece, giving you the ultimate in warmth and comfort against the snow as well as being at the height of fashion.

For many people, boots aren't a terribly fashionable choice. You can still make the most of the sheepskin fleece effect and the suede look, though, as there are plenty of moccasin style ankle boots and shoes which are designed in the same style. Many even give you the option of keeping the cuffs up to keep the warmth and comfort locked in or turning them down to expose the fleeced lining for an extra fashionable look on days when it's not quite so cold.

Although fleece-lined boots and shoes may be really cool, they're not terrible stylish or sophisticated. Fear not, though, as long-leg black leather boots are still very much in vogue. If you're after that sleek and sophisticated look, you can't go wrong with soft black leather or chocolate brown suede. These types of boots are comfortable, sexy and stylish. The heels aren't very large this season either, so you shouldn't have any difficulty walking in your sexy new boots.

It's boots, boots, boots! Ski boots are going to be very popular this winter due to their style and practicality. It doesn't matter if you don't intend to go skiing - this look will turn heads wherever you go. The outsides are finished with a quilting style and use lace-ups on the front while the insides are lined with warm, soft, waterproof material to ensure practicality and style. Pink and white leather are expected to be particularly popular.

While boots may be comfortable and practical, they're not always best for those occasions where you want to appear sexy and stylish or sophisticated. Peep toe shoes are still popular and look great in black leather or colored suede. Leather is likely to be far more practical throughout the winter months as it is relatively easy to clean and tougher to damage in the wet than suede. Peep toe shoes are a great accompaniment to dinner parties or high class occasions.

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