Nike Air Jordan – From A History Of Ingenuity To World Fame

Air Technology at Its Fullest in the Nike Air Max Shoes

The Nike Air Max shoes, one of the best-selling line of shoes, is another shoe brand that uses the patented Nike Air technology. It is a later introduction to the “Air” shoes created by the Nike shoe company, the first ones being the Air Force Ones and the Air Jordans.

The Nike Air Max shoes’ most distinct feature is its visibly large air cushioning unit at the sole of most of its models. The air cushioning units differ in styles in several Air Max versions, but it is often evident in most models. It indicates the product line’s distinguishing factor from other Nike Air brands.

Some of the most popular editions of the Nike Air Max shoes are listed below.

Air Max I

The Air Max I is the first in the Nike Air Max product line. It was unveiled in 1987. The Air Max I has been re-released today with different styles, including a hybrid boot version.

Air Max Light

The Air Max Light, originally called the Air Max II, is the second product in the Nike Air Max shoe line. It was released in 1989, two years after the Air Max I. However, it was eclipsed by the Air Max III’s launch the following year. Nike re-launched the Air Max Light in 2007 to cater the next generation Air Max lovers.

Air Max 90

The Air Max III, also called Air Max 90, is the third version of the Nike Air Max shoe. It was called Air Max III until the year 2000 when Nike re-released the product naming it Air Max 90, the year it was launched. Its thick air cushioning unit at the sole is exaggerated further by the white/black/grey coloring.

Air Max BW

The Air Max BW, or the Air Max IV, is the best-selling model in the Nike Air Max shoes of all time. It was launched in 1991 and is the fourth model in the same product line. The Air Max BW is very popular among gabber music fans. It is also an extremely hot item in the hip-hop culture and fashion.

Air Max 95

The seventh in the Nike Air Max shoe line, the Air Max 95 was released in 1995. It is also called the Air Total Max. The Air Max 95’s make is based on human anatomy and high technology. The shoe’s spine resembles the human spine and its materials represent human skin.

Air Max 360

The Air Max 360, launched in 2006, is one of the later editions of the Nike Air Max shoes. It uses the Max Air throughout its midsole. Nike also released hybrid versions of the shoes, fusing Air Max 90, Air Max 95 and the Air Max 97 models into the hybrid Air Max 360, in September 2006.

Among Nike’s various brands, the Air Max shoes lived up to its expectations. It enjoys a large number of followers and its sales records are impressive. Proof of its popularity is that some of its models have been imitated or copied in some parts of the world.

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