You Can Be Stylish With Elevator Shoes

If your height has been holding you back from realizing your true potential, take heart, there have been more than a fair number of short people who have been extremely successful in their chosen fields e.g. Tom Cruise, Danny De Vito, Joseph Stalin, Woody Allen and countless others. What sets them apart from other ordinary short people is that they believed in and backed themselves. Till the mid eighties short people could wear platform shoes and gain height. That option is no longer available today as fashion has changed and wearing these shoes might in fact prove counter productive.

Whenever we meet a new person we tend to cast our eyes downward and it is obvious that the first thing we notice is footwear. Hence it is important that both men and women wear footwear that generate respect and not ridicule. However, short people can have height increasing shoes or elevator shoes that are comfortable, stylish and suitable for various occasions.

These new type shoes are like any normal dress shoe with a height increasing insole stitched inside the shoe. These shoes come in several styles and have all the features that normal shoes have. Elevator shoes have a normal looking heel on the outside and a height increasing insole inside the shoe. These shoes come in the form of conventional walking shoes, shiny dress shoes, or attention grabbing boots.

Dress shoes are also called as business shoes and generally there are two types of dress shoes Oxfords and Loafers. Oxfords are lace-up men’s shoes that do not rise above the ankles. There are several styles within this category and almost all are available with built in insoles. Loafers are low cut, have a broad moccasin top and a wide flat heel. These shoes are worn on formal as well as informal occasions. Manufacturers of elevator shoes also offer shoes in this design and style. Apart form these two types of designs these shoes are available in casual and other lifestyle designs like Deck shoes, hiking shoes, and cowboy boots.

So stop wallowing in self pity, log on to the internet and order yourself a pair of fashionable new shoes and banish the thought of ever buying platforms to gain those additional inches.

By: Sonali Guha

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