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It is winter time and that means the cold, wet and snowy season. At this time of year, the sandals and flip flops and running shoes often go into the closet or attic, and it is time to get out the heavy guns of footwear and don your winter boots. There are now many types of boots to choose from, and even some that are more like sneakers than winter boots. From hiking boots to construction boots and everything in between, shopping for boots online has never been easier or more affordable.

When choosing a boot for the winter it is important to consider what type of terrain and weather conditions your area may be offering to contend with. In the wintry and snowy northeast or northwest, and very rugged and warm boot with a lot of lining, insulation, waterproofing and traction may be necessary. Deep snow and gusting winds often call for a higher topped boot, which protects the ankles more. Various types of insulating materials are available now and come in a wide range of thicknesses and minimum temperatures.

If you are in a milder climate like the southeast, you may be more interested in something that is not quite as insulated, but is very waterproof. Rainy seasons wreak havoc on sneakers and dress shoes, and oftentimes people will choose to have a waterproof hiking boot or galoshes to substitute for their dress shoes while commuting to work or events. There are even some hiking style boots that are very attractive and can function well as part of the professional attire of almost any office employee.

If heavy manual labor or construction type work is going to be done, a good quality work boot is in order. Perhaps a steel toe and a steel shank is desired if the conditions are hazardous. A good system of cushioning is often desirable, but lacking in cheaper work boots, so make sure to invest a little bit in the shoes that keep you safe and healthy throughout a busy and hazardous workday. If long periods of time are to be spent outside in the colder climates and colder months of the year, a good insulated work boot is ideal. Cold feet and toes are not only uncomfortable, but also quite dangerous in some professions.

Fitting a boot is much like fitting any shoe, once you know what to look for. Winter boots should always be tried on both feet, and be tried over the type of socks you would normally wear inside of them. If you are going to be wearing thick winter socks, bring a pair with you when you try the shoes on. When shopping for shoes online this is the first thing you should do when your shoes arrive. Make sure your heel does not slip and your toes are not crushed into the toes box when the shoes are on and properly laced up. Test the side to side stability by moving the ankle back and forth and making sure the boot keeps you stable and comfortable. Walk a bit and get a feel for how the boots flex and bend with your stride. Oftentimes a work boot may need to be broken in a little bit, as they can feel stiff when they are brand new. Always shop from a reputable online shoe store , and check all return and shipping policies carefully.

By: Jack Moe

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