Boots - Get Your Winter Wardrobe Just Right

Boots can be worn because they're stylish or simply because they're practical. Either way they're a great winter wardrobe staple. Make sure you look after them though. Just because they look durable, doesn't mean they're going to stand up to all that cold rain and snow. Choose an effective protective spray, and you'll find your new boots last a lot longer. The sales staff at the shoe shop aren't just trying to squeeze an extra couple of pounds out of you at the till. They are genuinely being helpful when they suggest you pick some up to go with your new purchase.

Be sensible too. Just because you've give your boots a covering of protective spray, it's not a license to wear them in all weathers. If it's a truly miserable day, why not wear something a little more practical to the office. You can slip on your high fashion pair once you're safely inside to avoid damage and nasty stains.

So what to wear to complement your new boots. Bare legs don't look good! Tights and even stockings help you get your look right. The right look is all about bridging the gap between your knees and your hemline.

If you fancy a pair that are ankle length, opt for tights and a skirt. Not a long skirt though. You will end up looking a little frumpy. Not the look you're aiming for!

A pair of mid-calf boots makes a nice change, and they're very versatile, but most people tend to go for something taller. Make sure these fit tightly around the leg with any gaping. It might require a bit of adjustment, but this easily done. Just pop into your local cobbler and ask if they can help you. Chances are they can.

If you're looking for something warm and furry, Uggs are a great choice. Maybe not the most chic, but they are certainly practical and very trendy.

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