Fashionable Men's Shoe Styles

Other than chocolate, shoes are a women's best friend. Most men think women are a little crazy when it comes to shoes, but now men are going a little dolally for them too. The colours, the brand and the style define the individual wearing them.

One style definitely does not fit all. Every man used to wear loafers to work, but now you can add a little more of your own style and personality into your office wear through your shoes. However, the real shoe-fetish for many men comes with trainers.

Whether you want original 1970's high tops, something new and super 'stylie' from Japan or Sweden or to design your own, there are shops that have sprung up to cater to all of these whims and desires. Your shoes offer an insight into your personality; where you have been and what you are into and therefore create an image that men want to show off to the outside world.

What does 2010's fashion stipulate we should wear on our feet? If you remember your school PE lessons with fondness then you will already be acquainted with a continued favourite this year, canvas Plimsolls. They are cheap, comfy and light making them perfect for when the warmer weather finally arrives. If you love the relaxed feel then maybe you should buy some leather versions to see you through the damp days of winter and spring.

The unthinkable happened last summer when 'deck' or 'boat' shoes returned to our shoe shops. Now they are worn in trendy inner city locations miles away from the open seas and sailing ships. Thanks to the mix-match of colours they are perfect for summer days lazing in the park.

Winter is still battering us with bad weather mind you, so if you need new shoes now, then some army-style leather boots should do the trick. They look great with skinny jeans and this season's must have, the checked shirt.

Fix up, look sharp with leather versions of the boat shoe. You will look relaxed but on point, smart casual will have a whole new meaning. A low-cut leather Chelsea boot can be worn in the office or with a pair of jeans depending on the occasion, but works equally well either way.

All of these styles will allow you to step into this season with your best foot forward. Remember however that individuality is key and you can wear one style at both casual and formal occasions.

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