Women's Shoes: Keep Up With This Winter's Trends

If you're looking for shoes and boots this winter, women have lots of options. High leg boots, ankle boots, shoe boots, smart and casual flats, and shoes for going out, like stilettos and slippers, are just some of the styles they can pick from. Here are a few recommendations as to what's in trend in the shoe department this coming season.

Shoes that are absolutely in fashion for women this season are knee-high or thigh-high boots. These can include over the ankle boots, like leather brogues. High boots with grips are also useful for walking on streets that might be rainy and full of slush.

Usefully, knee high or thigh high boots can be worn in different ways. You can pair them folded into jeans, or wear them with skirts to be more feminine. What's great is that knee-high boots allow women to wear dresses in winter. There's nothing more funthan putting on a dress on a cold day. When worn with a woolly tights, knee high or thigh high boots can take the place of warm trousers, so you don't have to freeze.

To maximize the glam factor, most women will want at least one pair of high heels. Leather and suede stilettos always make an impression, with jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts. Always striking, you can buy stilettos as relaxed-looking or as flamboyant as you want. For some real catwalk chic, try on a pair of buckled sling-back heels.

As for stylish but practical, the low-heeled, slipper-like pump is even more in fashion this season than the sequinned summer shoe. Not to be left out from of a woman's shoe collection, pumps are versatile: you can wear them to any kind of occasion.

And the thought of pumps doesn't have to invoke a sense of inevitable dullness. Just because they're conventional and comfy doesn't mean you can't have fun with them. Because pumps these days come in so many patterns and styles, from classic black to fun paint-splashed to quirky checked, women can use pumps to be really creative.

Lastly, most women will nearly always need a few pairs of comfortable shoes, whether for weekend relaxing and staying at home. For this women might opt for canvas plimsolls. Again, don't think that comfortable and casual corresponds to lazy and last season. By customizing and doing some research, you can still stand out.

For women to stay in the know about the latest trends in winter shoes, it's good to know where to find the latest designs as well as where to get practical information about finding shoes that fit properly and comfortably. At the moment, New Look has a wide variety of winter shoes for women. You'll be really hard pressed not to find something that either inspires, or immediately encourages you to make a purchase!

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