Comfortable Nursing Shoes- Get The Perfect Pair Every Time

What are the best pair of comfortable nursing shoes?

Healthcare workers and nurses have long known that you are on your feet for the twelve hours every shift making comfortable nursing shoes a necessity. Healthcare workers are always on the go, and the work is demanding for us all.

What should we do to find the perfect pair of shoes for work? The most comfortable pair of nursing shoes for you is a matter of your own choice and preference. You will want to start with meeting the OSHA requirements for safety first and then also take into consideration the comfort and style of the shoe.

Follow these tips to help you find the perfect pair of nursing shoes:

1. Look for closed toe, closed heel shoes to protect your feet from injuries.

2. Nursing shoes are often padded generously along the soles of the feet to keep your legs and feet from getting tired while working.

3. If you find that your feet and legs still tire when working long days, try adding gel inserts to your shoes.

4. Get a shoe with good arch support. Supporting the arch provides comfort while standing, and prevents poor mechanics in the foot as you walk.

5. Leather and artifical leather are good choices for lace up shoes, and oxford styles. Genuine leather uppers offer both comfort and durability.

6. Do you need a waterproof or water resistant shoes? Some floors like the OR, and maternity make selecting a waterproof shoe almost a requirement. For this type of work enviornment, waterproof and slip proof shoes help to avoid accidents.

7. To get the maximum comfort in your nursing shoes, be sure to get the right size. Poor fitting shoes, either too long or too short, may lead to foot problems down the road.

8. Pay attention to the fit in the heel too. Shoes fitted properly in the heel do not pinch or slip when walking.

Your feet will appreciate the effort you take to find a pair of comfortable nursing shoes. How do you find the best pair of shoes for long days on the job? The secret is in finding the best fit for YOUR foot.

By: Roberto Bell

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