Sexy High Heels – The Emblem Of Feminity

SexyShoes.co.uk recently conducted a survey asking 100 women whether they thought a pair of thigh high boots were fabulously stylish or just plain freaky.

With thigh high boots being a “statement” style of footwear, they can easily be branded as a freaky fetish boot, where as others would call them a great fashion accessory to complete an outfit turning it from simple to sexy.

61% of women said that they thought thigh high boots were fabulous and here are some of their comments:
Stacey, 26
“I love thigh high boots, I wouldn’t necessarily wear them out all the time but to the right place and with the right outfit they can look great. I am quite short so thigh high boots make me look a look taller I think, though some of my mates who have long legs love them too as they are drawing focus to their legs”
Andrea, 29
“My boyfriend loves me wearing thigh high boots, he says that they make me look really sexy, I feel confident in them and I think they look great on me”
Samantha, 31
“Thigh high boots are great, of course they are fabulous. Whatever others say, everyone knows that a girl wearing a gorgeous pair of thigh high boots will get peoples heads turning”
Mandy, 24
“I think that thigh high boots are gorgeous, they can turn a boring outfit into an eye catching one. I get that some people think that thigh high boots have a “slutty” stereotype to them but I think now they are a lot of mainstream and look great on a night out”
39% of women said that they thought thigh high boots were just plain freaky and here are some of their comments:
Emma, 34
“I think thigh high boots are awful, they just look so cheap when girls wear them, definitely a no go”
Vikki, 28“I would never have the guts to wear thigh high boots. They are just far too fetishy for me”
Heather, 22
“I think on some women thigh high boots can look ok but if I wore them it would just make me look slutty. If you got a quirky kind of style then yea but everyone else should stay well clear of thigh high boots”
Rachel, 29
“I can’t stand thigh highs. I think they look terrible. Fair enough if a women wants to wear them for her man in the bedroom, but they should never be worn out…EVER”

By: Katie-DHF

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