Ten Things You Must Decide On Prior To Getting A Sneaker

Buying a sneaker, is always a big headache if there are too many choices. I never really looked forward to getting a sneaker because I always had this thought that I would regret it!

Do you get that feeling?

So, I just sat down and decided to murder the ghost, and looked at points that must be pondered over before getting a sneaker.

So here are the things-

1. Decision - First, make sure that you actually do want to buy a sneaker, and that you're willing to shell out money.

2. Budget- Very important. Decide the budget that you can make use for the shoe. However little, or however big, be sure you know how much you're getting on the field with.

3. Choice- Yes, this is the moment that you decide whether you go for cheaper ones or costly ones. Some tend to go for cheap ones, and then buy a few more later, and some just go for a highly costly one one and wear it for a very long time. I think the first way would be appropriate, if you easily get tired with what you wear and the other option would be really great if you're really picky about what you wear.

4. Brands- Make a small mental list of brands that you're really interested in. This will narrow down the search your indulging in. This is only if you're picky, if you're not, then don't make a list.

5. Over the net or the nearby Store- Now comes the other decision. Buying from either places has its pros and cons. The best way, is to go through shoes on the internet and then try and locate it near a store near you. That way, you're merging the advantages both the types offer.

6. Size- Be aware of the foot size, if you're buying for somebody else, wear sandals when you go for the purchase. Then, when you try on the sneaker, you can feel the difference very easily.

7. Trials- Make sure that you try out at least three to four pairs before you decide on one. Or buy the first one you like. But nothing in between.

8. Compare Prices- Make sure that you differentiate the costs before you decide. Sometimes, there can be big price differences.

9. Emergency- If you really liked a shoe and it’s above your fixed budget, don’t fret, go for it. Nothing like buying something that you really love, but this is only if you really really love it.

10. References not ads - Go by references if you can get anyone to talk, and not by ads. Ads can be really misleading. Believe me!

So here were some points that I understood from my experiences. So go and get kicking!

By: aaroah sunil

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