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Weddings are obviously very special occasions. In the build up to your big day you'll undoubtedly be hoping that everything is going to be just right. That certainly includes your clothes and accessories.

There's so much concentration on what the bride will wear on the day that some people forget the importance of the groom's appearance. The clothes, shoes and accessories worn by the groom are vital, of course.

After all, what's the point in the bride looking fantastic if guest's are more concerned with how terrible the groom is looking?

Finding the right clothing for the occasion often involves hiring a suit. Many of us don't own morning suits, so it makes sense to hire them for the occasion.

What about shoes? You'll need shoes that match your suit but you may not own a pair that would be suitable. Some grooms are surprised to learn that they can hire shoes, in exactly the same way as they hire their suits.

Is this a good option? While it certainly can be useful for some, you need to remember that hiring shoes will mean that you'll have little or no opportunity to wear them in before the big day. Is that a risk that you want to take?

A better option might be to buy some shoes in advance. You'll find that they needn't be massively expensive in order to look good and feel comfortable.

Samuel Windsor and other online stores sell quality, leather shoes at discount prices. By buying your footwear in advance, you can take time to wear your shoes around the house, ensuring that they will be comfortable on the day.

This approach will allow you to look good, while also feeling comfortable.

It seems to me that there is little point in hiring shoes and then spending your big day hobbling around in them because you can hardly manage to wear them!

By: Keith Barrett

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