Tips For Buying Running Shoes

The first step towards beginning a healthy exercise routine is to get the equipment required to do so. This is mainly the sports apparel and accessories, as recommended by the experts. To begin with, one should know what clothes are needed. Ideally, whether man, woman or child one should stock up a couple of sets of tracks pants and t-shirts. These are available at various sports-wear shops, as well as in certain sections of departmental stores.

While there are no particular do’s and don’ts regarding the type of sports clothes, one needs to pay more attention to the running or sports shoes one purchases. This is because, lack of awareness of the right kind of shoes have actually caused damage to the knee and ankles.

Given here are important tips for buying running shoes…

First vital factor to be taken into consideration is the distance covered and the kind of surface on which one runs. One should pick up cushioned shoes according to this, which will make for comfort running. The salesperson is aware of the best kind of shoes, as per the amount of running, as well as the surface types.

One should also be well-informed about the variety of running shoes. While the salesperson will have all the knowledge regarding each product, yet specific details where a customer’s specific requirements is concerned is where they may fumble. Thus, it is important to read up literature about the various shoes. Also one could seek expert advice from professional sportspersons and coaches.

Do not opt for a shoe on the basis of making a style statement. Running shoes are specifically designed to give one comfort while exercising. They are not exactly fashion shoes. So avoid getting attracted to fancy shoes that eventually could do harm to the foot, in spite of attracting a lot of attention from fellow runners.

Even though one has been loyal to a particular brand through the years, yet one should be aware that the body ages, which brings about changes in the body requirement. So, what one has been wearing for the last five to ten years may not be comfortable for the foot at present. For this reason, one should look around at other brands too and select what best fits and seems comfortable while running or exercising.

By: Jennie Gandhi

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