What Makes Rockport Men Shoes So Popular?

If someone asks you which brand of men shoes to choose from, Rockport may be the answer you heard the most. Why is Rockport men shoe so popular? What makes it stand out from other brands? Rockport men shoes are so popular is not a surprise because even US Presidents claim this brand as their first choice. Bush loves this brand for his day and evening events, whereas Clinton prefers this brand for less athletic occasions. No wonder Rockport men shoes are so well known.

Another reason that this brand is so popular is because of its advanced technology and design, and its continuous improvement spirit. Rockport was founded in 1971. Within these several decades, they have already invented many new designs and technologies to enhance your experience of wearing their shoes. In 1985, they developed their first ProWalker, which was designed with an advanced biochemical technology. In 1990, they introduced their Extreme Conditions System (XCS), which is a design suitable for various outdoor terrains. Their superior cushioning and support design enabled them to acquire the favor from many of their customers. Then in 1991, they invented another technology known as Soft ImpressionsTM, which was a contemporary design for casual footwear for women. Then in 1994, Rockport had started to target their boat-shoe market. Their Interval Walking model was so well designed and comfortable, and they were able to dominate the market for their proven principals of interval training with fitness walking style footwear. They have also invented dynamic air suspension footbed, Fiberlon shank for midfoot support, and Rubberized EVA outsole for cushioning to fight fatigue as well.

All these inventions have demonstrated that Rockport is a brand that keeps pleasing their customers with new and improved technologies and designs. They keep spending time and money in developing new footwear designs that makes you and I feel comfortable with. Thus, it is unquestionable that Rockport men shoes can become one of the most famous footwear worldwide. In fact, they do receive positive recognitions from the market. They provide both casual and formal footwear for its customers. The styles that you can choose from are numerous. Hence, they are able to acquire a large portion of the market share in many different footwear areas.

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