Clogs Are Back In Style

Ask your parents or someone older you know about clogs and they're sure to remember how popular these shoes were in the seventies. Clogs are now starting to get fashionable again.

What are clogs? For people who aren’t aware of them, it is the total design that makes clogs what they are. Clogs are easily worn because these shoes have open backs. You can slip them on and slip them off rather easily. The older clog designs had leather tops and wooden soles. Their toes pointed up a bit and were rounded. Think of "Little Dutch" shoes; that's what clogs resembled. Clogs are just the more modern forms.

Clogs have returned to being stylish and are more popular this time around. The styling has allowed for clogs with backs and with mesh coverings. Clogs are dependable shoes and they can provide you with a lot of comfort.

Women’s clogs

Women like clogs more than men simply because women adore how they can just put the shoes on and go. Those women who especially like wearing sandals would like clogs more. They could put on clogs while keeping some portions of their feet enclosed. Clogs are ideal because you don’t have to use them only on particular seasons. You could wear clogs all throughout the year even if you wear or don’t wear socks.

A great variety of clogs are around for women to try. These could be made of leather, wood, canvas, suede or they could be garden clogs. Whichever among the varieties of clogs you buy would be based on your own preferences and what your intentions for the clogs might be. As an example, garden clogs are just ideal for gardeners, obviously. They are useful footwear since they could be washed off and used again after they get really dirty. They are created out of tough plastics.

Men’s Clogs

It’s true that clogs for men exist. A lot of guys don’t know about that although even if they knew about it, they may still not consider the idea of wearing them. Historically, only women have been wearing clogs and that’s why guys wouldn’t really think about wearing clogs. But men’s clogs are different from women’s clogs. Clogs for guys are colored brown or black and they’re made out of good leather. Another facet which men might like are the clogs’ heels. For the clogs made for women, their heels usually are big chunks, but clogs for guys aren’t actually chunky.

The many uses for clogs might have made a lot of people like them. Even those in the medical professions like them. Medical clogs are usually made of strong rubber on their tops and bottoms. These give protection from germs and dangers to the feet of doctors and nurses. Medical professionals usually like wearing clogs since they don’t slip and a lot of hospitals’ floors could be rather slippery.

Clogs aren't just popular for their designs; a lot of people like wearing clogs because they are very practical. Clogs have been with us for years now and it isn't likely that they'd go away anytime soon.

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