Leather Sandals - Through The Ages

It has been proven that people have worn leather sandals for thousands of years. Peoples in ancient times began making sandals from leather as soon as they developed the technique of turning animal hides into leather. Because leather was simply made and safeguarded the feet of the user, it has continued to be utilized since that time.

Sandals are made from a variety of materials; almost any material has been used in the making of sandals at one point or another. Less expensive sandals that are sold in discount stores often use synthetic materials, such as imitation leather or polymers that resemble rubber.

No shoes are better than authentic leather sandals at being comfortable, durable, casual, and stylish. You can choose from different natural shades or choose dyed patent leather in bolder colors. There is a color to coordinate with every outfit or to suit any taste. Sandals aren't exclusive to any gender; both women and men wear sandals.

There is no comparison between hand crafted sandals and the mass produced leather sandals found in many shoe stores today. While factory made sandals can be of good quality, they do not have the wearing comfort of being custom fit to your foot, the quality, workmanship, or individual care that goes into each handmade sandal.

You can find handmade leather sandals in a wide range of styles and colors; because they are handcrafted, each pair will be one-of-a-kind. They are available as slip on shoes and with buckles or ties; some will have a strap that fits between the toes and some do not. All of them will keep you cool in the summer and on the beach.

Wearing a pair of leather sandals can bring you pride in knowing that you are wearing an American hand crafted product that will last for a very long time. The way that leather naturally adjusts to your foot is unique and can't be replicated by any kind of synthetic shoe. Leather sandals breathe extremely well through both from under the leather and through the openings and you will greatly enjoy owning and wearing them for many years.

By: Tom S Powers

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