Clarks Shoes, a Different Kind of Shoe Company

Clarks Shoes is one of those companies that every now and then come up with a masterpiece that takes the world by storm. This has been the modus operandi since way back in the beginning when the first footwear was designed and made by the man who started it all; Mr. Cyrus Clark. It happened over 180 years ago and today Clarks Shoes has become a household brand in many parts of the world.

When the Clark brothers started their business in the 1830s sheepskin slippers were one of their first projects. Humble beginnings indeed but with no lack of determination they set forth at a more rapid pace when Singer sewing machines made their appearance. Hard work and continued improvement of the product as well as customer satisfaction guaranteed long term success.

Inventions that placed Clark firmly ahead of the pack

The next major breakthrough came when the “Desert Boot” made its appearance. During the fifties Nathan Clark designed this boot after being inspired by British Army boots for simplicity and comfort. This was a smash hit. Apart from the fact that Clarks was already a household name in many parts of Europe this invention ensured their continuing success locally as well as abroad.

During the sixties one of the Clark descendents, namely Lance Clark, created what became known as a “Clark Classic”. The moccasin style shoe, named “The Wallabee”, came into existence. At the time this particular style became enormously popular all over the west, and Clarks’ popularity and success continued to grow and expand. The high standard set by the company in providing quality products as well as offering terrific customer service has become synonymous with the Clarks name.

One of the many reasons for their growing success is the fact that Clarks remains up to date with all aspects of existing as well as developing technology. Continuous research into all levels of manufacturing has led them to discover and use polyurethane in the shoe soles. The lightweight and hardwearing sole has remained popular up until now since its discovery in the early sixties.

The comfort that is provided by this particular sole has remained unsurpassed, and has become synonymous with the Clarks brand.

By today’s standards, Clarks is up there with the best. No shoe company could survive for long if it did not keep up with the trends and fashions, and Clarks has done all that and more. The company’s main focus is on comfort, quality and style, rather than glitz and glamour. Everything from casual to dress casuals, informal, sandals and clogs, pumps and boots and many more “everyday” shoes are available, for women, men, and children too. The huge range gets supplemented on a regular basis to meet the ever increasing demand for a quality as well as comfortable shoe. New styles are also regularly advertised and available online. Buying online has become a very convenient way to shop indeed. Clarks has made provisions for this situation as well as for those that find it difficult to get to a Clarks store. Every purchase comes with a money back guarantee if it does not meet the required standards. Service deliveries for online shoppers are known to be prompt and efficient.

Children’s shoes are another division of Clarks that is not only sought after but a preferred first choice of many parents. The added bonus is that they will most likely find everything needed and suitable for all ages and does not have to go hunting around. Clarks have always paid careful attention to all aspects of improving children’s shoes over the years. They remain up to this day the most popular shoe store for children in England.

Where are they heading?

Clarks ranks at the top of the shoe trade of the world. Over 40 million pairs of shoes are manufactured on a global scale annually. Amongst their success stories they have also managed to help under privileged and disadvantaged communities. One such community is in a township in South Africa where many adults have died of AIDS. Those that remain are left to take care of the many orphans and this has become a huge burden for the women that have taken on the responsibility.

Lance Clark came across this particular township and its plights and went on to establish a shoe manufacturing company called “Soul of Africa”. This wonderful opportunity enabled the creative township women to be trained in shoe making and eventually improve their living conditions on all levels. This they have managed to achieve, and production has expanded to the United States.

Well done, Clarks. Definitely another success story! Clarks Shoes has managed to evolve with the times and stay in fashion with comfortable, attractive styling as well as a corporate culture that is equally innovative.

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