A Review Of Vans Shoes

Certain extreme sports, like skateboarding and biking need special shoes. The answer for the needs is Vans shoes. Why is Vans shoes? Vans shoes seem more flexible and easier to hook easier to the tire when scuffing.

Vans skate shoes, like most other things these days, began with the dream of one person. This person was Paul Van Doren, and with his dream of manufacturing shoes and selling them directly to the public.

In the year 1976 skateboarders began to use Vans shoes as skate shoes. On March 19th of that year the very first Vans skate shoes were designed and made. The pro skaters Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta are the designers of these early Vans skate shoes. Pretty soon there were new colors and even slip on Vans skate shoes, and they became the latest craze of California. Today you can find Vans shoes and Van skate shoes distributed in well over 190 different companies and you can find over 60 styles.

Buying skate shoes doesn't have to cost a fortune anymore. Forget going to the mall to get your next pair of skate shoes. Shop online and save a ton of money on Vans skate shoes!

By: Rika Subana

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