What Are Barefoot Sandals?

First thing you will notice is that barefoot sandals are without sole. They look like flip flops when you look at them from above, with the beads that go from your toes all the way up your ankles. But this is where all similarities end. Without sole, barefoot sandals are something that's made more for decoration then for practical use.

Beads in different patterns and different materials are great if you want to draw attention to your feet. Wearing them on the sand will surely raise some interest in your flashy footwear. Just take a look at some wedding sandals out there and you will get the idea in what category beaded sandals are. They are extremely comfortable and attractive.

They can be made from diamonds, pearls, Swarovski crystals and any other materials that can be fitted on the string and that looks attractive. That is the most important part, to get the kind of look you want with the beads that suit you most.

These sandals are perfect for beach and walking on soft surfaces, like sand and grass. While you feel the warmth of sand or slight massage of the grass, your feet look classy and attractive while you wear your beaded sandals. To make them even more attractive, you can use some shimmering glass that will give some sparkles when sun hits them under the right angle. You will see how people will be surprised about that and will ask you where did you get your new flip flops. They are even in for more fun when they see you are missing soles under there.

One of better points of barefoot beaded sandals is that they are very versatile and can go with plenty outfits. Thongs or swimsuits will go quite well and leave better impression of your body. You can try and combine them with any type of clothes you want, there are no limitations. Only you know what suits you best and what gives you the best feeling when you walk barefoot, with some beads on your feet. If you don't like what market offers - simply create your own beaded barefoot sandals. There are lots of strings to use and different types of beads, so go for it.

Some types of materials you can use are: steel, nylon, gold, silver or leather. They make the base of your creation, so you just need to choose what kind of beads you want and you are on your way. Swarovski crystals, pearls, aqua glass or aurora borealis beads are just some of the materials that will make your barefoot sandals look great. Lots of choices, lots of sweet suffering for anyone who wants to make one.

One thing we want to mention here is to try and modify your sandals or flip flops. Sometimes you want to wear them, but the surface is too unfriendly. So you need a sole and you can get it from a flip flops you like while attaching beads onto them. This is not an easy task, but once you get the hang of it, you will create some great sandals for hot summer days.

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