Designer Wedding Shoes-Who Pays For Them?

Now if you are the groom, don't panic reading the title! If you are the father of the bride, chances are you are trying to hide it from your daughter! If you are the bride then probably you can't wait till we get to the meat of the article! Jokes apart, groom, father or the bride herself, special days call for special celebrations and your feet deserve that too.

Designer bridal shoes price from $300 to tens of thousands of dollars. What is so special? Well it is not just the brand name that you are associating yourself with, it is also the valuable material, the precious stones and the beautiful craftsmanship that come with designer brand which does cost a fortune. However designer shoes in the range of ten to twenty thousand dollars are generally made to order, especially crafted for the celebrities as per their desire. These shoes often are used as the hallmark for the design house. Business tycoons and celebrity weddings often have theme-based extravaganza where all the attendees are gifted designer shoes and designer wear to attend the wedding.

But yes, if you are bride and you may want to consider a bridal shoe not quite in the thousands but rather in the modest hundreds. Having a designer shoe has its own advantage:

These days there are designer shoes that can be dyed. This means that although you may buy your shoe in ivory or white matching the color of your gown you can later dye it to a color that best suits your evening wear.

A designer bridal shoe is not just for one day. You can wear it in your wedding parties and celebrations for a long time to come.

Designer shoes are mostly quite well made and last for a long time.

Most designer shoes have their own signature and let's accept it which girl would not want to indulge in once in a while?

So if you are convinced that spending $500 for a pair of shoes once in a lifetime is worth the extravagance, then probably your next question would be the type of shoe that you should settle for. Aren't designer shoes difficult to wear? Won't this pinch throughout? Would I be able to wear it ever again?

Well, designer shoes these days are a far cry from the ones that used to be difficult to walk around in. Today you can adjust the shoes as per your requirement in the store and take home something that you can wear for a lifetime comfortably. You will need to wear your shoes for long hours on that special day and you do not want to limp on your honeymoon either!

Stiletto designer shoes have always been and will always be a craze. They look smart, elegant and yes they do have that tiny bit of discomfort but ergonomically designed shoes can actually improve your gait, believe it or not! You can go for a low heel shoe or a pump as well, but the elegance that a pair of designer shoes will add to your attire is priceless.

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