Red Hot Shoes Trends For Winter 08 -09

The cold, unwelcomed breeze of the looming winter may not seem too chilly anymore, considering the sizzling hot winter shoe trends that have made the grade this 08-09 season.
Fashionistas of the world have confirmed that this seasons fashion trends have shoes and high heels at the forefront of them. Shoe designers have humbly accepted the challenge of creating fashion provoking shoes and have proven their artistic creativity better than you would have ever wanted in this recession-hit period. If you are committed to fashion, it’s going to be really hard for you to resist the temptation of maxing out your credit card this winter, what with the wide variety of must have shoes and high heels.

Trawl the World Wide Web for the shoe trends for winter 2008-09 and you will be stunned to notice the extraordinarily stunning range of winter shoes for women with all tastes and style-statements from cute to raunchy and from elegant to sinfully wicked.
Heel Trends for winter

This winter the drop in temperature does not necessarily mean you need to drop your heels too! While there are a lot of exciting flat ankle boots and cute sandals for those who prefer to play it safe and comfortable on flats, there are a lot more tempting high heel shoe options for those who don’t give a damn about aching calves and sore toes, but rather want to be in the fashion limelight.

The dagger like stiletto with killer high heels of four inches and above will be there to add a touch of sexiness to winter skirts and dresses. Though you may also notice a bit of innovation to stilettos this season as shoe designers have increased the height of the heel and added a platform to the shoe. Another trend of winter 2009 is thick high heel covered in the same fabric as the shoe itself – so make sure you keep a look out for those and add a pair to your collection. Wedge heels are expected to evolve in style and design this season too, and thus don a more interesting appearance over all.

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