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Do you still buy your shoes from a high street store? If you do then you could well be missing out. Our investigations show that you could be saving by buying footwear online.

Understanding why this is the case involves taking a closer look at the way in which stores operate. Firstly, let's examine the role of a high street shoe shop.

Many people would choose to shop here because they are local and you can visit the store to try on a pair of shoes. Once you reach the shop, you will find a range of shoes on the shelves and probably have an assistant help you as you try them.

One point to note here is that the range of footwear available will actually be fairly limited - especially when compared to online retailers.

Despite this, there is clearly a cost involved in the retailer having premises, storing the stock and recruiting staff. All of these costs are being passed on to customers, like you.

How do online stores compare? Although they still have storage costs, they don't need to be in premises in popular high streets. This means that their costs will be lower.

They also avoid having to maintain large numbers of sales staff. Once again, this gives them an advantage in cost terms when compared to traditional stores.

But, you may well ask, surely the service must suffer if they don't have the shop and the staff? One clear problem would also seem to be that, given the lack of a store, it's not possible to try before you buy.

This may seem like a significant problem when it comes to purchasing footwear. Fortunately, most big online shoe retailers have returns policies designed to offer you flexibility.

These mean that you can, in fact, buy footwear and try it on in the comfort of your own home. If you then find that your new shoes simply aren't right, you can return them to the internet store.

A simple solution to this particular problem and one that makes online shopping so much more attractive.

Buying shoes online can save you a lot of money.

By: Keith Barrett

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