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My reasoning behind purchasing in this way had been that I liked to try on a pair of shoes before making a purchase. This simply didn't seem possible if I wanted to buy from an internet retailer.

When I did start to look at online options, I soon realised what I'd been missing out on. The first thing that strikes you is the level of choice that's available.

When shopping in the high street you're restricted to choosing from a limited number of stores, but the internet opens up a much wider range of stores.

This also means that internet shopping gives you access to a large range of styles and prices available. By using online price comparisons you can quickly identify the lowest prices on individual footwear ranges.

Are there any other advantages that you can look to gain? One point to consider is that many footwear retailers will be concerned about the possible consequences of an economic downturn.

As a result of these concerns, they are reacting by trying to compete with each other for customers. This means that they are taking actions, such as offering significant discounts.

Look out for online discount codes, vouchers and special offers. Any advantage that you can gain will help you to save money on your shoes when shopping online.

There are numerous shoe companies offering low prices - I like shopping with Samuel Windsor Shoes, but I'm sure that you'll soon have your own favourite.

By: Keith Barrett

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