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I'm not sure that I can face another trip to my high street shoe store. I tend to look rather aimlessly at the rows of shoes, all neatly displayed on those metallic shelves.

It always seems to me that there's something that's not quite right. I'm standing in the shoe shop looking at all of these footwear options and yet a little something seems to be missing.

In fact, many somethings appear to be missing. Why is it that there is only one shoe from each pair on display? Do they expect us to hop around on one foot, wondering whether our new shoe will allow us to make some form of fashion statement?

No - of course they don't! They expect us to call over to the shop assistant to ask them to nip into the back room and select the other shoe to give us a matching pair.

What a great idea! Unfortunately, it may take me some time to attract the attention of the assistant. They are, after all, probably busy dealing with another customer.

Not to worry, they'll soon be diving into the stock room and searching high and low for that perfect matching shoe.

Once they return, I'll be able to struggle a little with the laces and then finally have a new pair of fine shoes on my feet. I can saunter over to the mirror and see whether these new shoes look great on me.

They don't, of course. I've forgotten to wear the right pair of trousers. They just don't go. I wonder whether they would work better with a different pair of trousers. Now's not the time to find out - I can't be bothered to go home and get changed.

Are they slipping a little on my heels? Do they seem to be crushing my big toe? It's hard to tell but it doesn't matter - I'll take them and join the lengthening queue!

Do scenes like this sound familiar to you? It's experiences such as these that persuaded me to shop for footwear online.

I now avoid the irritation, the hassles and the queues by buying shoes online from Samuel Windsor. A far more pleasant experience.

You should join me there - you may even get a discount.

By: Keith Barrett

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