Shoe Costs Can Be Reduced

We all like to save money where we can - there are few things more thrilling than getting a bargain! We set out to see whether it was possible to pick up some good deals when buying shoes.

You might wonder why we opted to look at shoes. It's a good question! One reason was that shoes seemed to be a relatively expensive item when compared to other clothing and accessories purchases.

That's not to say that we hadn't seen cheap shoes around - there are plenty of them. What had been harder to find was good quality shoes at seemingly reasonable prices.

It's maybe not surprising that this was the case. After all, if you've been following recent stories in the media then you'll know that inflation has been on the up.

The impacts of such pressures are clear for many industries. In the case of shoes, it's meant that raw materials have been increasing in price, as has the cost of getting footwear to shops.

So is it possible to pay less for shoes? After looking at the prices on display in high street shops, we decided to see how they compared with prices online.

We soon spotted that many web based footwear stores seem to be able to offer lower prices for good quality shoes. One reason for this is presumably because they have lower overheads.

It may also be that retailers have been trying to keep prices down. When faced with consumers with less money to spend, it's entirely possible that some retailers are desperately trying to encourage people to shop with them.

Another aspect here is that there was a wider choice available online and that it was much easier to compare prices. This makes it easier to spot a bargain.

One tip that we picked up was that you can also make use of discount codes, vouchers and special offers to reduce prices.

By shopping online and identifying bargains, it's certainly possible to reduce the costs involved when buying shoes.

By: Keith Barrett

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