How Do You Buy Your Shoes?

When friends get together it's funny what can crop up as subjects of conversation. Last year I got talking to a group of friends and we started to discuss the topic of shoes.

Shoes are not, in essence, that strange an item to discuss. Many of us wear them on an extremely regular basis so that may seem like quite an obvious item to mention.

When you think about it though, how often do you actually talk about them? When we started to discuss them our attentions turned to where we were all shopping.

A number of us were using high street stores, while others opted to buy theirs online. It was interesting to hear the reasons that people gave for shopping in the way that they do.

For some, it seemed obvious that footwear should be bought from a high street store. This wasn't always simply a case of inertia or a feeling that this had always been the way that things had been done.

Many saw high street stores as being the best option, particularly in terms of service. They wondered how it was, in fact, really possible to buy online.

There was a strong argument that some people liked to try on their shoes and make sure that they were comfortable before buying. They felt this was only possible in such a store.

Others weren't quite so convinced. They wondered whether trying on a pair of shoes in a shop for just a few minutes really gave much of a guide to how comfortable they'd be over a period of time.

They also pointed out that it was equally possible to purchase shoes online and then send them back to the internet retailer if they weren't right.

The biggest arguments put forward for buying online were that this option gave access to a wider range of shoes and made it easier to compare prices. In effect, it was seen as a better way of getting a good deal.

This whole conversation has made me think again about the way in which I buy shoes - how do you buy yours?

By: Keith Barrett

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