What About Shoes And Accessories To Goth?

Ok, so you've decided that you want to wear a goth dress.
It may be for a prom gown, halloween or party, but once you've made the decision to go goth, you really have to pay attention to the shoes and accessories, and here's why...

If you've never worn goth before, it's an all over image.
In other words, you have to go the whole hog.
If you wear a goth dress, you cannot wear any accessories that do not fit, otherwise you will be asking for jibes, and that's obviously not the intention!

The good news, is that there's a wide variety of styles that do work with goth, so you may be able to get away with, or customise what you already have.

On the shoes front, anything can work from high heel shoes, to thigh boots, to worker boots.
If you see someone in a rich coloured gown and worker boots, that's goth!
The exact same gown could be worn with high heels and lace stockings.
Two very different images, made so by the accessories complimenting the same dress.

The gothic look can be intimidating, sexy, or playful, so you need to make sure that your hair, make up and choice of bag reflect your decision.

You could have your hair in a classic up and held ballgown style, and accessorise it with bats or spiderweb for a fun goth look.
A more serious goth would probably have black hair, straight down.

Make up wise, you have the obvious white pasty look, with heavy black eyeliner and lipstick, or you could go for the glittery look if you want to be more lighthearted.

One accessory that comes free is the expression on your face, and again this may well be the ultimate factor in the image that people take away of you.

If you want to make people smile, choose your shoes and accessories accordingly, and smile yourself!
These tips will help to match your goth choice of dress to perfection.

By: Christopher Schwebius

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