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In recent years the footwear sector has been increasing in size online. It seems that more and more consumers are buying online. What's the story behind the rise of the internet footwear giants?

If you've looked to buy shoes online then you may have been surprised by the number of options available to you. If you search for a particular brand of shoes then you're likely to find that the manufacturer sells directly to members of the public.

But you're also likely to find that there will be a wide range of stores selling the particular brand of footwear. Prices can vary considerably between stores.

So why is it that so many stores have sprung up? The simple answer is that they have been responding to the wishes of more and more people to buy shoes online.

A few years ago many of us would not have chosen to buy footwear online because of various concerns, which ranged from the quality of products to the security of our financial information.

As we have increased our online spending, we have been willing to look at more products that could be bought online. Shoes fall into this category.

Retailers have realised that there is money to be made in this area, hence the considerable rise of internet based footwear retailers.

In the main, the impact for consumers has been positive, with healthy competition leading to low prices. Will prices start to rise in the face of increasing inflation?

Not necessarily. Given that there are so many retailers, all competing with each other, they face pressure to try and keep prices down. Such pressures are good news for consumers.

It means that we can still find cheaper shoes online, as opposed to shopping in high street stores. This trend looks set to continue, particularly with the introduction of discount codes and offers.

Keep looking for shoe bargains online - you can still save a lot of money.

By: Keith Barrett

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