Lowering The Cost Of Shoes

Much of the economic news in recent months seems to have been about doom and gloom. Whether it's the credit crunch or falling house prices, it seems that we're all caught in the middle of an economic slowdown.

When it comes to shopping, it's not surprising that many of us will be looking to save money. It makes sense to try and reduce our outgoings, particularly if we're facing higher bills in other areas that are simply unavoidable.

So how can we go about saving money? I thought I'd do a little test. I started to look for a new pair of shoes and wanted to see whether I could shop more cheaply than I had been used to.

Would it be possible for me to lower the cost of my shoes? The only way to find out was to start shopping!

I would usually do my shoe shopping at a high street store, so I wandered down there to take a look at typical prices. They'd varied little since I'd last looked for footwear.

That may sound a little bit surprising but it is in line with what a number of UK retail analysts have been saying. Despite inflation, clothes prices have remained pretty steady.

This is because retailers have been trying not to increase costs, with high street sales already fairly slow.

So with footwear prices looking pretty stable, I wondered whether it would be possible to save more online. I soon realised that it would be.

It was clear that online prices have, in many cases, actually fallen over the last year or two. This is great news, particularly when combined with the rise of discount code sites.

These sites allow you to obtain additional discounts from online retailers. By shopping online and using such discounts, you can really lower the cost of shoes.

I opted to shop with an online retailer called Samuel Windsor. They offered a good online deal and I obtained a discount code from Offer UK, which allowed me to save even more money.

Shop around and save on shoes.

By: Keith Barrett

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