A Whole New World Of Shoes

The way in which many of us buy shoes has been transformed in recent years. The rise of internet footwear retailers has meant that there are now lower prices on offer than we might previously imagined.

But do online stores really offer value for money? What differences are there between shopping for shoes online and using a traditional bricks and mortar store.

Before the rise of the internet, most of us would probably have shopped in a local high street store. The picture would have been familiar to many of us.

We would most likely walk in off the street and browse through the selection of shoes on offer. In most stores there would often have only been one half of each pair of shoes.

This meant that once we'd selected a shoe that we liked, we'd have to ask the assistant to fetch us the other half of the pair in the correct size, thus enabling us to try them on and check that they were to our liking and were also comfortable to wear.

Depending on your point of view, this scenario was either endearing or rather annoying. On the one hand, how great it was to have such personal attention to our footwear purchases.

On the other hand, how annoying that buying shoes seemed to be so time consuming and that our choices were rather limited.

The internet has brought us the advantages of being able to compare prices quickly and easily, thus helping us to feel like we're getting better value for money.

We have, however, lost the ability to try before we buy. Or have we? By making use of the returns service that is provided by many internet shoe stores, such as Samuel Windsor here in the UK, it's now perfectly possible to return shoes if they're not to your taste.

Take advantage of online shopping to get great shoes at low prices.

By: Keith Barrett

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