Reduce Your Footwear Bills

With rising inflation and a slowing economy, it should come as no surprise that many families are attempting to reduce their spending. While this is not easily done on services such as utility bills, there are savings to be made in other areas.

Think about the type of purchases that you are intending to make and consider how much you are planning to spend. Are you going to be able to get what you want for a reasonable price?

These sort of considerations occur to many of us - they certainly did to me when I last wanted to do some clothes shopping.

With prices going through the roof in many areas, I wondered whether I might be able to save on my clothes. As I searched in stores and online I soon realised that I could make significant savings in one particular area.

It was an area of my shopping that I hadn't previously thought much about - shoes. I get through quite a few pairs of shoes, particularly when it comes to those that I wear to work.

Unfortunately, such footwear tends to be rather expensive. This is something that I have pretty much accepted over the years.

When I started to look at shoe prices online I realised that I could actually reduce my footwear bills. It was, in fact, possible to save at least 40% when compared to what I'd previously been paying.

The reasoning behind this is that it's actually a lot easier to compare prices online. Since we also have access to a wider range of stores, this means that we can look to make some significant savings that simply wouldn't be possible without the internet.

Another important factor is that many online shoe stores are getting pretty desperate to make sales.

So keen are they to attract new customers that they've often started introducing discount codes, or looking to make special offers available.

Such offers can save you even more money. The reality is that you can now reduce your shoe costs considerably by changing your habits and shopping online.

By: Keith Barrett

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